Honoring Teaching Excellence In California

CCCA Awards WinnersLast month we honored four Carrington College California faculty members for their “Commitment to Teaching Excellence”. This was the first of what we hope will be an annual event. Campus Executive Directors nominated faculty members in the following healthcare areas – Dental Health, Nursing, Medical Support, and Respiratory Care. The four recipients were chosen by Carrington College California leadership. These excellent educators have been honored for their individual excellence in their role; for delivering teaching that motivates intellectual curiosity in their students, that thoroughly engages their students in the enterprise of learning, and has a life-long impact. We interviewed each of the four honorees for the Carrington Blog, asking them for their thoughts on winning this award. You can read their full blog interviews by clicking on their names.

  • Dental Health – Jennifer Riddle, RDA. Program Director, Dental Assisting program, Pomona, CA
    • “To be recognized for the job that I do, and everything I put into it for my students is very rewarding. Students don’t generally show their appreciation, just like my kids! But to be recognized and appreciated by my peers and management just means so much – it’s really unbelievable. It’s gratifying that they know how much I put into what I do every day.”
  • Nursing – Dorothea Daley, RN. Instructor, Vocational Nursing program, San Jose, CA
    • “Let’s face it, it’s nice to be recognized! I’m happy with this award; it’s a good thing. It validates that what I’m doing has been noticed. I know that everyone is not going to love me, but in terms of student satisfaction I would rate myself as a 9 out of 10. I’m grateful that the people I work with recognize what I do, as well as the students.”
  • Medical Support – Raina Hegwood-Kenney. Instructor, Medical Assisting program, Pleasant Hill, CA
    • “I was pretty surprised by to get this, there are a lot of great instructors at our school. To be honest, the first thing I thought of was how excited I was to tell my 6 year old! Anything that closely resembles a trophy is the best thing in the world to him; he was really excited and so happy for me!”
  • Respiratory Care – Dyana Calderon, BS, RRT. Instructor, Respiratory Care program, Pleasant Hill, CA
    • “I’m really honored to get this recognition so early in my career! Honestly it was quite a shock, but it’s great to know that my work is appreciated. It’s good to know that my colleagues recognize that I’m working hard to make my students happy, to engage them in their learning, and to have some fun with them along the way.”

Congratulations again to all of our excellent educators. Thank you to all of our faculty and staff for their continued dedication to Carrington College California students. Your enthusiasm and passion for their success continues to positively affect not only their lives, but the communities they live in too.   Program availability varies by location.

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