Student Disability Accommodation

Carrington College is committed to maintaining an academic environment free of discrimination and complies with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Carrington College will make reasonable accommodations to afford students with disabilities full and equal enjoyment of Carrington’s programs and services. Carrington College makes no assumptions concerning any individual’s abilities or disabilities and makes an individual assessment to determine whether each student’s request for accommodation can be met at Carrington College.

Any student or applicant with a disability who requests academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, or accommodations under Section 504 should contact Student Affairs at to begin the accommodation request process. The applicant/student will be given an accommodation request form to complete and submit to the Office of Student Affairs. Additionally, they must provide recent (generally no more than five years old) certification and/or documentation from a qualified medical or educational professional that (a) provides a specific diagnosis and (b) recommends specific accommodations that might be helpful to the student in an academic setting based on the diagnosis.

Carrington College does not conduct documentation assessments or make recommendations for student accommodations. Carrington College does not perform or conduct any student disability assessments.

Once accommodations have been approved, Student Affairs will notify the student in writing. Approved accommodations and procedures will be outlined in the Accommodation Notification. Requests must be submitted in writing to Student Affairs if a student needs additional accommodation. Students should reach out directly to if there are any questions or concerns regarding accommodation implementation.

A student with accommodations who transfers to a new campus location or begins to take classes online must request accommodations through the Office of Student Affairs using the process described above. Requests for additional or modified accommodation must be submitted in writing to using the same process described above.

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