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Carrington’s Maintenance Technician program prepares graduates to Operate and maintain machinery and machinery components, perform advanced hydraulic testing procedures, and program, install and perform diagnostic functions on programmable logic controllers
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Program Details

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Carrington College’s Maintenance Technology program is available at the Trades Education Center in Phoenix.

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With courses to guide you, you’re certain to be prepared for your career.


Earn a Certificate of Achievement in as few as 7 months. Certificate graduates can also earn an Associate Degree in Trade Studies in as few as 7 additional months.


Conveniently available at the Trades Education Center in Phoenix.


Affordable tuition varies by program and location.

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Discover What It’s Like to Train to Become a Maintenance Technician at Carrington College

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Career Opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), industrial machinery mechanics and machinery maintenance workers maintain and repair factory equipment such as conveyor belts, production machinery, and packaging equipment..1

Typical job duties of industrial machinery mechanics, machinery maintenance workers, and millwrights can include:1

  • Reading technical manuals to understand equipment and controls
  • Disassembling machinery and equipment when there is a problem
  • Repairing or replacing broken or malfunctioning components
  • Performing tests and running initial batches to make sure the machine is running smoothly
  • Detecting minor problems by performing basic diagnostic tests
  • Testing malfunctioning machinery to determine whether major repairs are needed
  • Adjusting and calibrating equipment and machinery to optimal specifications
  • Cleaning and lubricating equipment or machinery
  • Moving machinery and equipment

What Will I Learn?





Check out our guide on becoming a Maintenance Technician.

If you enjoy working with your hands, building things, and getting dirty, a career in the trades may be right for you. Maintenance technicians are effectively mechanics specializing in large-scale machinery. There are a number of jobs that fall into the world of industrial maintenance. From maintenance technicians to industrial mechanics, each role is unique to encompass specified or a variety of large-scale machinery.

Maintenance Technician FAQ

  • What does an industrial machinery mechanic do?

    Industrial machinery mechanics are effectively mechanics specializing in large-scale machinery. They may repair and maintain machinery, run diagnostics, or generally clean and care for equipment.

  • What does an Industrial Machinery Mechanic do?

    Because industrial machinery mechanics repair and maintain machinery, there are technical skills that one will need to learn to perform job functions, but there are also some soft skills that may help, including:2

    • Troubleshooting
    • Quality Control Analysis
    • Complex Problem Solving
    • Judgment and Decision Making
    • Time Management

  • What education do you need for industrial machinery maintenance?

    A GED or high school diploma is generally recommended to become an industrial machinery mechanic but workers usually need a year or more of training after high school.3


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