Host a Carrington Extern


At Carrington College, we believe that part of our students’ education is practicing their skills in the real world. That’s why many of our students complete an externship prior to graduation. An externship allows students to demonstrate and apply their skills while proving they can be a valuable member of your team.

Your Benefits

  • Mentoring future industry professionals
  • Provide a working interview to a potential new hire
  • Improve your hiring process
  • Support your current staff’s workload
  • Build and support connections in your community

Host an Extern

  1. Learn your needs

    Meet with a Carrington Career Services Advisor to describe your environment and culture.
  2. Meet qualified candidates

    We will refer candidates to match your work environment.
    Interview and select your candidate.
  3. Provide real world experience

    Provide training, mentoring and feedback to enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Host An Extern

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