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CES 2015: Amazing New Medical Devices You Have To See

January 8, 2015

The international 2015 Consumer Electronics show took place in Las Vegas on January 6, and there were many innovative new products that may prove beneficial to the medical community. Bluetooth and smartphone technology now allows medical professionals to monitor the health of their patients from afar, and helps us all to lead healthier lives. Here are just a few of the best new products that are bound to make a splash in healthcare.


BEWELL CES 2015 CuffA subsidiary of Visimed group, Bewell is a French company that has created numerous products for the health and wellness market utilizing Bluetooth technology. Among their products are MyThermo, a no-contact thermometer which could be used by a nurse to monitor fluctuations in temperature; MyTensio, a wireless cuff that monitors your blood pressure over a period of time; and MyOxy, which helps you to determine and control your oxygen saturation. All of these products transmit information to one app on your smart phone or tablet, and cost between $100-200 USD per item.


Masimo CES 2015Similar to the MyOxy, Masimo’s MightySat measures oxygen saturation and pulse rates to the user. Using the patient’s finger, the MightySat is unique in that it can track a patient’s results even if they are moving around, which might be helpful to physical therapist assistant. The MightySat is small and compact, making it easy for an athlete or anyone else to take with them wherever they go. It also utilizes Bluetooth technology, and the accompanying app is available for both Apple and Android phones.


Lechal CES 2015The India-based company Ducere Technologies was founded with the idea of helping the blind or visually impaired to navigate the world better. The Lechal insole slips into any ordinary walking shoe and utilizes Bluetooth technology to sync up to a user’s phone and guide them with simple vibrations through voice commands. There’s even an interactive charger that also responds to audio cues, which can also be used with the Lechal shoe. The Lechal system is also useful for those with perfect vision: the corresponding app allows the user to track your workouts and set fitness goals. In the future, the company would like to incorporate other features that help with posture, measuring steps taken, and more, in order to further help the wellness community.


TRiCELLA CES 2015This health technology company offers a unique way to remember to take your medications. The Liif pillbox is connected to a smart phone app that reminds the user to take their pills at designated times. Your app can even be synced to other boxes, and can be set to notify you if a friend or family member forgets to take their pills. Pharmacists may want to consider encouraging their patients to purchase this smart technology for $80.  


FitBark CES 2015Dog owners and veterinary technicians alike should get excited for FitBark. Comparable to the human Fitbit, FitBark is a small $99 device that hooks onto your dogs collar and connects wirelessly to a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor your pet’s health, from his daily activity to his sleep schedule. A database allows vet techs or owners of multiple pets to keep track of this data and compare it to others, and help determine what’s best for each individual dog. There’s even an optional Wi-Fi base station, which allows you to monitor multiple dogs from afar.


KiCoPen CES 2015The latest insulin injector on the market comes from Cambridge Consultants. While other smart injection pens exist, the KiCoPen is unique in that it keeps track of each injection without relying on a battery or other methods that leave room for error. Instead, the energy harvesting technology utilizes a simple chip, and sends all of your information to a smart phone app so that you have it. Nurses and medical assistants may find great use in demonstrating and recommending this product to patients with diabetes.


Skulpt CES 2015 DemoFitness technology is taken to a new level with the Skulpt Aim 1: a device that uses EIM technology to measure your MQ, or muscle quality. This helps the user to determine how effective their workout is. With measurements including muscle density, fat percentage of a particular area, and more, the Aim is a useful tool for fitness enthusiasts as well as physical therapy patients who are looking to regain muscle mass following an injury. For $199, this device will be compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones, and can track up to six different users.

See Skulpt In Action on Vine


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