Stress Good. Distress Bad.

Why stress is good for you

Stress is a part of life for 99% of us; it’s how you cope that sets you apart. In many instances, a little stress is beneficial – it can make you focus and sharpen your game. Many of us operate best under stress. If you do your best work close to a deadline, that’s stress helping. So what’s the…

Be Prepared For Any Interview

Interview tips and tricks

You probably came to Carrington College because you wanted to make a change. Either a career change, or a change in direction after high school. No matter your age or situation, landing your first job interview in a new career is incredibly exciting, but it can also be terrifying. But worry…

Student Spotlight – Meet Johnnie Murray

Johnnie Murray Carrington College Spokane

Johnnie Murray, aged 52, is a great example of how a career change can stir up passion for a new profession. Johnnie is a current student at our Carrington College Spokane campus; he’s studying for an Associate of Occupational Studies degree in Medical Radiography.
Johnnie started at…

Veterinary certification study tips

You'll need to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam to become a certified vet tech.

If you love animals and are studying to become a veterinary technician, you may need to pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam to become certified. The VTNE is a computerized, multiple choice exam that evaluates entry-level vet techs to make sure they have the knowledge and skills…

Shark Week Stances

Student Roxanne Wonderwoman Pose

Sunday, August 12th, marked the final day of a week-long event that people around the world look forward to every year – in fact, it even has a countdown website! Along with our nation’s Independence Day, Father’s Day, and Flag Day, Shark Week has become a staple of the summer season….

Jump start your post-grad job search


So, you’ve completed your first year of college. You’re pretty excited about your major, but you can’t help but wonder: How can I improve my post-grad job prospects while I’m still in school? Whether you’re studying to be a certified medical assistant, a registered pharmacy technician or a…

Students narrowly avoid interest rate hikes on loans

Congress has passed legislation reversing interest rate hikes on federal student loans.

Whether you’re in the midst of a medical assisting program or taking dental assisting classes, there’s one thing that has been on the minds of many students this summer: Student loan interest rate hikes.
College students who rely upon student loans to pay for things like tuition and materials…