L to R: Carrington College’s Craig Jacob; Blue; SJ City Councilmember Ash Kalra; Carrington College President Jeff Akens; Carrington College SJ Exec Dir Frederick Holland; SJ City councilmember Johnny Khamis; Goldie; Carrington College SJ Dean of Education Melissa Gear.

Carrington College, San…

You want to go back to school, but don’t have time to spend in a classroom every day.
You want to learn on your time and you know you have the drive to do it. Sounds like online learning might be for you!
Carrington College Enrollment Services Representative Shaniqua Lewis not only helps…

Getting ready for your turkey feast? Here are a few Thanksgiving turkey safety tips covering microscopic dangers to possible fryer issues.

Tis the season for caring and sharing…sharing germs that is!
Lucky for you a new study says fancy antibacterial soap isn’t any better at killing germs than plain old regular soap.
Makes watching out for germs a little easier, right?
You’d probably assume if you spend a ton of time inside a…

You know the drill, when you go to the doctor’s office your first step is usually filling out a bunch of paperwork.
You’ve got to tell them about your medical history, insurance info, it feels like you’re spelling out your life story on those forms, right?
Guess what? That’ means…

Not sure how what you learn in school translates to the “real world?” Here’s a quick look at how those good study habits you create during school will help you be successful on the job.

Medical assistants can be the heart of their office. Their job is to keep the office working. They do a bunch of things that help keep their office working at a productive and efficient level.
Medical assistants are the Swiss Army Knives of their offices… they do a little bit of everything….