​Through Hardwork and Dedication, Jade Gomez, is on Track to Graduate the Pharmacy Technology Program at our Sacramento, CA Campus!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I just turned twenty last November. I moved from Stockton, CA where I was born and raised, to Sacramento, CA for the Pharmacy Technology program. The program started in late December and I’m in my 5th term already. It goes by so quickly. It doesn’t even feel like it has been that long. I have this term left and then my externship will follow. Then I’ll graduate.

When did you decide to pursue a career in pharmacy technology?

I was always interested in medicine when I was growing up. Then, around September or October of 2021, I was looking at technical schools, and I thought pharmacy technology would be a great match for my interests.

What motivated you to choose Carrington?

I had a friend going to Carrington for the Veterinary Technology program. She would always talk about how much she liked her program, so I decided to look into the school.  I liked what I saw, so I enrolled!

What has been your favorite part of your program so far at Carrington?

I would say the hands-on work when it comes to the labs–especially things like preparing IV bags and compounding medicine.

What was the most challenging part of your program?

It took me a bit to adjust to how fast-paced the program is. It was challenging going from one term to the next without any breaks in between.

Have you ever wanted to quit?

Surprisingly, no. It is fast-paced, but it is never too much. The fun outweighs the stress of it all.

Who or what has helped you through the challenging times?

My instructor, Ellie Haddad. He is extremely enthusiastic when it comes to the lectures and the labs. His passion has really made me want to stick with it.

Is there a Carrington instructor or staff member who you would like to acknowledge?

Definitely Ellie Haddad. I had so many teachers when I went to community college, and they didn’t have the passion Ellie has. Not only is he passionate, but he is also very attentive and thoughtful toward his students. This makes you really trust him the more you get to work with him.

Where would you like to go with your career?

I am hoping to go into a more clinical field like a hospital and work in the inpatient pharmacy. I would find that interesting and rewarding. I am hoping to get that experience during my externship. Compounding is another strong interest.

Do you have any advice for people interested in this program?

Be prepared for a very fast-paced program. That is what throws people off when they first start. Look forward to the hands-on learning we get to do. It’s not just counting pills, it’s preparing IV bags, compounding medicine, and a list of other things that I didn’t even think were a part of the profession. When you learn more about pharmacy technology, you can really see how fun it can be.

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