The 4 best jobs for millennials

Some of the best jobs for millennials are in the field of health care.

Millennials (also known as Gen Y) are the generation comprised of people born between roughly 1980 and 2000. While there has been a lot of negative press for what has been termed the “me, me, me generation,” those who are familiar with the 20-something crowd tend to view them as hard working,…

My Starting Point – Mayra Ruiz Gallegos

Mayra Ruiz Gallegos

Hey guys, my name is Mayra Ruiz Gallegos and this is my Starting Point. Just a couple of weeks ago I started the Pharmacy Technology program at the Carrington College Mesa campus. Over the next 10 months, I’ll be sharing my college journey with you through blog posts like this one. I’ll let you…

New heart attack risk calculator appears flawed

A new online tool that is supposed to help doctors calculate a patient's risk of heart attack has been experiencing problems.

Leading heart organizations in the United States recently released a new set of guidelines intended to clarify rules on reducing cholesterol. However, one of the key components of that effort – an online heart attack risk calculator – has been suffering through some early glitches, hampering the…

4 best entry-level jobs in health care

There are many exciting entry-level jobs in health care.

When beginning a career in health care, the odds are already pretty good that you’re going to find employment – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care is the fastest-growing job sector in the United States.1 However, many positions within the industry require years of education…

4 tips for making your college experience a happy one

Regular exercise is a key component of staying healthy while in college.

Earning a diploma and preparing yourself for a professional career are generally considered the two most important aspects of the college experience. At the same time, though, you’re going to want to make sure your time in school is happy and personally satisfying.
Here are a few tips you’ll…

Government scrambles to deal with ACA problems

Glitches with have hampered the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has been plagued by problems, and the issues with the website – – which is the main portal for people who are looking to sign up for insurance, have been among the most important of those difficulties.
According to the government’s own…

Fraud Alert!

Fraud Alert

Financial concerns are high priority for those considering colleges, it is important to stay on top of any frauds or marketing scams for financial aid!
The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a fraud alert regarding a marketing scam targeting veterans. A marketing company has created two…