School & Community Rallies Around Mom With Cancer

CarringtonCaresCarrington College students, faculty, and staff are constantly doing great things out in the community. This is especially true during the Holidays, as shown by the recent success of the 2014 #CARRINGTONCARES challenge .

But last month the school went one step further; helping to bring some much needed festive cheer to a Phoenix area family over the holidays.

Tasha and familyTasha Lys, a 43-year-old single mom, is fighting her second battle with a very rare form of cancer. A year ago, a group called the RecFX foundation learned of the family’s plight. Tasha and her two kids – Jordan, aged 10 and Jasmine, 18 – were struggling, living in a house that was literally falling apart, with Tasha unable to work.

RecFX, with support from the local community, completed an extreme home makeover of her house, and are providing whatever care they can for the kids. But Tasha was concerned about what would happen to her children if she cannot beat the disease. “I just really worry about my kids; I wasn’t able to get life insurance, I feel like I have nothing to leave to my children,” she said.

Tasha & JasmineTasha’s concern was that Jasmine may need to support her younger brother soon, and she had no prospects for college or a better paying job. Jasmine currently works part-time at a pizza restaurant while finishing high school, and cares for her mom and brother. So, RecFX Foundation approached Carrington to see if we could help make a dream come true.

Tasha Lys and Family with Val ColmoneJasmine wants to be a veterinary assistant, and maybe a veterinarian one day. Just before Christmas, during a Phoenix FOX10 News interview, Campus Executive Director Val Colmone surprised the family, on camera, by awarding a full scholarship to Jasmine in the Veterinary Assisting Certificate of Achievement program at the Phoenix North campus. The scholarship covers her tuition, books and fees.

We at Carrington College are happy to have this opportunity to work with RecFX Foundation and support Jasmine in her career goal to work with animals. We are looking forward to seeing Jasmine join the Carrington Flock as she prepares to become a veterinary assistant.