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What Will I Learn: Vocational Nursing

March 24, 2016

You love helping people, and want a career that makes others feel better. Why not check out vocational nursing[1]? Carrington College Vocational Nursing[2] students shared what they’re learning in the program.

“I love the hands-on training at Carrington. I get to get my hands dirty and make a difference in the lives of other people,” said student Katherine.

“We get to practice on the SIMs which are amazing, they breathe, they do all kinds of things,” student Charles said.

“You need the time in the simulation labs as well as the clinicals that we go to,” Katherine said.

“In lab we have our awesome simulated SIMs machines, and sometimes we’ll allow students to demonstrate on each other depending on the skill. That’s the best hands-on training, when they get to work with each other,” said Vocational Nursing Instructor Sandra Rhone Chubbs.

Students start clinicals in their first term. The learn activities of daily life like helping patients up, helping them change and get dressed. Students will help feed patients and get them ready for the day.

Vocational nurses perform vital signs including blood pressure checks, they do general assessments on patients, give medications, insert Foley catheters, insert nasal gastric tubes and provide wound care.

“Pharmacology, learning our drug classes, it’s a lot of memorization, what class of drugs and why they’re given, side effects, we have to be really comfortable and knowledgeable about all of those,” said Katherine.

“We check their medical records and see what medications they need during that time,” said student Marlon.

“We’re there to put a smile on their face, because that’s part of healing,” Katherine said.

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[1] Individuals seeking to enter this career field may be subject to screenings such as, but not limited to, criminal background checks and drug/alcohol testing prior to externship, to attain occupational licensure/certification or employment, and throughout their careers.

[2] For comprehensive consumer information, visit

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