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What Will I Learn: Dental Hygiene

March 1, 2016

Are you interested in a career helping people with their smiles? Then come check out the Dental Hygiene[1] program at Carrington College!

Check out what students in Carrington College’s Dental Hygiene program have to say about what they’re learning.

“It’s incredible how much you learn in the classroom at Carrington College. I think with dental hygiene people often think, ‘You don’t just clean teeth?’ You have to learn a lot of the same things that nurses learn. It’s very in depth, from anatomy, even psychology and communications,” said student Maggie.

“They learn the terminology and the basics to oral pathology, pharmacology. It’s a wide variety of topics but everything is covered,” said Valerie, the Dental Hygiene Program Director at Carrington College’s Boise, Idaho campus.

“We get to sit people down and we get to start at the very beginning with their assessments which includes probing and checking out their gum health. We get to take the X-rays ourselves which is great and then we get to clean their teeth,” Maggie said.

“It’s good to have that experience because it’s going to facilitate that integration into our professional careers, it’s just going to help the transition to be a lot smoother,” said student Eric.

“It’s a very intense program, it’s worth it. The instructors are amazing and they help you so much,” said student Christina.

“They work really well trying to teach us exactly what we need to know,” said student Shandee.

For more information on the Dental Hygiene program at Carrington College, click here.


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