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How Animal Lover and Veterinary Technology Representative, Jazminn Fisher, was Inspired to be the Change in her Community

February 17, 2022

Jazminn FisherJazminn Fisher grew up with a love of animals, but she noticed that they sometimes didn’t get the care they truly needed. This inspired her to be the change in her community and beyond, and to study to become a vet tech.  

Jazminn is now an Enrollment Services Representative for Veterinary Technology at Carrington College, where she has been since August of 2021. 


What did you do before you studied Veterinary Technology? 

I was in art school for interior design. After a while, though, I realized art school really wasn’t for me, so I had to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I decided to go for Vet Tech.  

I had a tour here at Carrington and enrolled in the Veterinary Technology program; I graduated in 2013. I was a vet tech for almost 10 years, and now I’m back at Carrington as the Representative for the vet tech program.  


What inspired you to do the Veterinary Technology program?  

I always had animals when I was growing up, but they didn’t get the best care; they only went to the vet when they were puppies, or if something major was happening. As an adult, I wanted to help my own animals more. 

In the area where I grew up, everyone had backyard animals that didn’t receive the best care. I wanted to become a person who could also help the animals in my community. 


What was your favorite part of the program, and what did you find to be the most challenging? 

I love that the program is so hands-on. Hands-on is how I learn best, so being shown how to do something with a live animal—and then being able to be able to do it on my own—was very helpful.  

The medical math was a challenge for me; I had a very hard time with it, but we have awesome instructors who take their time and help you out.   


How did you decide to pursue your current role?   

Over time, while I was working in the field, I had seen that there wasn’t any type of advocate for the new vet techs; they were coming to work straight from school and not yet understanding their worth. I wanted to be that person in between. Also, I’m a person of color in a predominately white industry, and I wanted to highlight and demonstrate that this career is attainable for everybody.   


How did you find the job?  

I had seen a posting, but it was for a different department. When I came in to do the interview, I had the option to choose exactly where I wanted to end up. I chose Admissions because I thought that this department lined up with the things I wanted to achieve.  


Can you tell me about your current job?  

I am the first point of contact if a person has an interest in our school; we have all the information about all the programs, and we help students decide if this is the right school for them.   


What is your favorite part of your current job? 

Part of the process is to sit down and have a talk with prospective students, and so I’m able to really get to know each of them. My favorite part of the job is seeing my students holding an animal for the first time with their eyes wide open with excitement.   

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