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Veterinary Assisting | What Will I Learn? Video

January 19, 2016

You love animals, and want a career helping them feel better. Why not check out the Veterinary Assisting[1] program at Carrington College?

Jessica has been in the Veterinary Assisting program at Carrington College’s Mesa, Arizona campus for six months.

“So far I’ve learned how to do CPR on a dog, I’ve learned how to clean their ears and do their toenails,” she said.

The program combines classroom work with hands-on training. Student Ana described what she’s learned in the classroom.

“Medical terms and the proper way to do things, and then we actually put it into practice,” she said.

“We learn about radiology, surgical assistance, disease, vaccinations for those disease, treatments for those diseases and everything that they would need to education a client on,” said Mesa Veterinary Assisting Program Director Kelsey White.

Student Andrea said her favorite part is the hands-on training. “Both my instructors are really nice and they’re able to explain everything well,” she said.

“Once you’re working you’re prepared already, so you already know pretty much what you’re doing,” said student Eileen.

“We have a lot of fun in our classroom. We do focus a lot on dogs and cats so we do bloodwork, we also have new microscopes and we have a lot of fun doing microscopy,” White said.

“We’ll learn how to draw up the proper vaccine with the animal’s weight and the concentration of the vaccine,” Ana said.

“I like seeing the students go out to their externships and come back and say ‘I learned so much here I got hired’ and that’s the best thing,” said Mesa Instructor Carie Chmura.

What advice do current students have for people considering an education in veterinary assisting?

“To just hurry up and sign up. Just do it, I mean I know my instructors and I know they’ll be able to learn everything that they possibly can coming here,” Andrea said.

So what are you waiting for? To learn more about the Veterinary Assisting program at Carrington College visit a campus today!

[1] For comprehensive consumer information, visit

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If you love animals and working in a fast-paced environment with lots of other employees and if you enjoy connecting with customers and helping educate clients. Veterinary Assisting may be the right career for you.

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