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Three questions you shouldn’t ask during an interview

April 22, 2013
Never ask these questions during an interview.

At the end of most job interviews – after you’ve answered all manner of questions about your experience and employment history – you will be given the opportunity to ask some questions of your own. While you should absolutely come prepared with a few things to ask that show that you’ve done your research and are truly interested in the position, there are also some subjects that should definitely be avoided.

1. What will my starting salary be?

This is typically information that is included with an offer of employment, and should not be asked about during an interview. Although it’s understandable that this is information you want to have, asking what your salary would be may indicate to the interviewer that you are only concerned with the money and not the job itself. As a general rule, do not discuss or negotiate payment until you have been offered a position.

2. Can I work from home?

If you make it clear that you are already looking for ways to spend time out of the office before you are even offered the job, chances are you will not be considered for the position. Although working from home may be an acceptable part of that particular company’s culture, asking whether or not it’s OK may indicate to the interviewer that you are not a team player. Instead, discuss flexibility options after you’ve been working for a company for a while and have established trust.

3. What does your company do?

This is a huge no-no. You should do your research and know the answer to this question before you even interview – that way you can better explain how your skills make you well-suited to the job. It also demonstrates that you care enough about the position that you took the time to learn everything you could. Instead, pose a questions such as: What goals does your company have for the next five years?