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The Starting Point Student Blog: Sacramento’s Calynn

May 7, 2013

The Starting Point is a new feature on the Carrington Blog, for students, by students. The Starting Point chronicles the educational journeys of Carrington students as they start their educational journeys into their professional careers. Our first feature student is Calynn who is currently studying Medical Assisting at the Sacramento Campus in California.

Hi there Carrington Flock! I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself before diving into my story. I’m Calynn, a California native, and I am three weeks into the Medical Assisting program at Carrington College California.

I have always had the passion to be in the health care industry, but never had the means of getting there. When my brother was in a motorcycle accident in October 2012, it opened my eyes to how much good the EMTs and nurses were doing, not only for my brother, but for others as well. I knew this was the time for me to get started on my dream. I now had that extra push to motivate me to help others.

Now that I had my goal in mind, I needed to gather some information. I had done little research on any health care colleges. I suppose I figured if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. Little did I know it truly was! Before I was enrolled in Carrington, I did not know much about it, only that I had a few friends who went there. But now that I am enrolled, I love it! The instructors and advisers are so great and motivational.

My advisor Kimberly was great and made the enrollment process so much easier than I had ever imagined. I had originally chosen the LVN program, but after speaking with her and much thought, I chose the MA program. It was a great choice for me, and I know it will help me along the way with future goals.

In my free time outside of school, I usually spend it with my amazing fiancé and friends. I do also work about 30 hours a week, so when I am not at school you can probably find me at work. I am not even sure I know what free time is nowadays! 😉

Now that I have started my education in the health care industry, my feelings are as strong as they were before. The passion to help others in any way I can is still there. I am constantly trying to get people to help me, whether it’s me taking someone’s blood pressure, checking their pulse, or even try to safely drag them across the floor. We learned that in first aid, and I’ve had a great time with it since! Not only did we learn how to save someone if dragging was necessary, but we also learned how to check for broken bones, any sort of cranial damage, and if the patient was responding. The whole class had a lot of fun watching demonstrations with the instructor as well as practicing the techniques.

I am so happy to be sharing my time at Carrington with you, and I hope you are too!


Fun Facts About Me!

  • I have five siblings. Two are “step” brothers.
  • My favorite food would have to be fettuccine alfredo. I order it pretty much wherever I go. I can never get enough of the stuff!
  • My favorite weekend activity would have to be going out to the movies, working out, and sporadic trips to Target.

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