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Student Spotlight meet Bonnie Luther

September 15, 2011
Bonnie Luther

This month we would like to introduce to you Bonnie Luther. Bonnie grew up in Glendale, Arizona. She met and married her husband while living in West Virginia. She is the mother of an 11 month old baby girl and has just found out that they are expecting their second child! Congratulations Bonnie.

Bonnie attended West Virginia University with the intention of pursuing a degree in painting. However, along the way, she decided she would prefer to concentrate on a graphics design degree. Bonnie spent a considerable amount of time looking online for a degree program that would allow her the flexibility of taking classes at her own pace while at the same time staying at home with their new baby. After researching many different programs, she landed on Carrington College California as the best match for her and her family. One of the reasons Bonnie chose this program at Carrington College California was that classes also included the labs, allowing her to learn the lecture at the same time as the labs.

Bonnie has been pleased with the class workload finding it much more manageable than she expected when she started classes. She had originally planned to earn her degree in December, but due to her pregnancy, she will postpone finishing her classes for several months. Upon completion, Bonnie plans on pursuing a position in graphic design.


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