Stefanie Clayton joined the Carrington College Team in 2009! She has Since Moved her way up Throughout the Company!

Stefanie Clayton Stefanie Clayton joined the Carrington College team in 2009 and was excited to begin building a meaningful career at an organization that valued her talent and ambition.

“At Carrington College everyone is part of a cohesive team,” says Stefanie. “Career advancement opportunities are provided, and the most important benefit is contributing to a student’s success.” 

While providing growth opportunities and mapping out development strategies, Carrington College was able to help Stefanie grow her career and move up throughout the organization. After years of hard work serving as a Student Finance Advisor, Stefanie was promoted to the position of Registrar Services Coordinator, Student Finance Training Specialist, and eventually the Regional Director of Financial Services.

“Carrington College is committed to continuous improvement and to cultivating an employee value-based culture,” says Stefanie. “I believe my success can be contributed to the College’s strong leadership team, providing constructive feedback, identifying my goals, and helping me achieve them.” 

When asked about what she liked the most about working at Carrington College she highlighted the organization’s culture and overall satisfaction of making a difference in a student’s life.

“My advice is to adapt to the culture, develop a long-term career plan, and work with leadership to develop in areas of opportunity,” added Stefanie. “Also ask questions, seek out opportunities, join a committee, and get to know your peers.” 

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