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Staying the Course; Tamara Martin, was a Positive Force in the Medical Assisting Program!

August 25, 2022

From day one, Tamara Martin stood out in the Medical Assisting (MA) program.

“Tamara was a positive force in the classroom the minute that she stepped on campus,” Krystal Lopez, her instructor, says. “She has such an inquiring mind, was always eager to help new classmates, and shared her knowledge with countless students and staff. In her new job, she continues to thrive and make a lasting impression on the staff and patients. She is hardworking, honest, kind, and a wonderful medical professional.”

Tamara was used to working hard well before enrolling in the MA program; she owned a housekeeping business, where she continued to work throughout her time as a student—all while parenting four young children.

“I always wanted to be in the medical field,” Tamara says. “I originally wanted to be an RN, but the MA program at Carrington worked better with my schedule and for my kids.”

She found Carrington online, and after researching a few other schools, found that Carrington had more than others. She did the program entirely in person. Her favorite part was the clinical aspect and the hands-on experience—she especially enjoys doing injections. One of the most challenging parts, she says, was the bookwork.


“It was also challenging for me to simply have the motivation to go to school after working all day, because I still did my housekeeping job while I was in school,” she says. “I did mostly night classes, which worked with my schedule, and did my homework on the weekends to catch up.”

Despite the demands and challenges, Tamara stayed the course, always stepping up to mentor fellow students.

“She caught on to clinical concepts and hands-on lab tasks quickly,” Krystal says. “She was always willing to help and show others how to perfect their clinical skills. I could count on Tamara to lend a hand to others in need while in class.”

Tamara now works at Associated Medical Physicians in Sacramento, where she was hired directly from her externship and into the role of CMA (Clinical Medical Assistant)—an impressive accomplishment. She enjoys her job, especially because of the patients and the people she works with. She says Carrington definitely prepared her for her current job.

Ms. Lopez, my instructor at Carrington, was amazing,” Tamara says. “She really took the time to make sure we had a good understanding of the material, and she was very motivational. If we needed help, she was there.”

Krystal Lopez knows that Tamara will continue to stand out in the medical field, just as she did in the classroom. “She tackles all challenges with great energy, passion, and a can-do attitude,” she says. “She will excel as a medical professional for years to come!”

Tamara shares that although her original goal in a medical career was to become an RN, she now wants to become a Physician’s Assistant. With her leadership skills, positivity, intelligence, and work ethic, we know she’ll accomplish whatever she sets out to do.

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