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Pros and cons of moving back in with your parents

May 14, 2013
There are both pros and cons to moving back in with your parents after college.

While it’s becoming more common for jobless college graduates to move back in with their parents after earning their degrees, even those who have been able to score entry-level positions in their fields of choice are entertaining the idea.

PRO: Save money

A huge reason why many college grads are choosing to move home is the need to save money. Living on your own is expensive – there’s rent, cable and electricity bills to pay each month, not to mention the money you’ll spend on furniture, groceries and other necessities. On top of all of that, you’ll need to start paying back your student loans soon, so having free room and board may not be too shabby of a living situation.

CON: Less independence

After being away at college and living on your own, the loss of independence that comes with moving home can be a bit constricting. No more going out whenever you want and doing whatever you please – your parents will want to keep tabs on you. They may revert to treating you the way they did when you were in high school, so you’ll want to have an honest conversation about boundaries.

PRO: Less responsibility

Remember the days when you had to fit in doing your laundry and grabbing groceries in between going to class, working and studying? No more! Your parents will likely take care of many of the responsibilities that you would have had to deal with living on your own, so that can be a definite plus.

CON: Lack of privacy

Like living with roommates, moving back home and living with your family means you may have to give up a certain amount of privacy. In fact, because you don’t have the same boundaries with your parents as you would with roommates, you may have to sacrifice even more privacy. Be prepared.

PRO: Spend time with friends and family

If you have friends who are still living in your hometown or siblings who have yet to graduate from high school, moving back in with your parents can give you a great opportunity to reconnect and spend some quality time together.

CON: Your parents’ rules

Your parents may be under the impression that because you are once again living under their roof, you need to abide by their rules. This can be a challenge if you’re used to living independently, so have an honest conversation with your parents about which of the normal house rules apply. Do you have to make dinner once a week? Contribute to chores? Find out.