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Pharmacy technicians can improve their focus with these 3 tips

December 7, 2013

Improve your focus in the pharmacy by using these tips.Throughout your career in pharmacy technology, you will notice that the job requires a great deal of focus. Pharmacy techs count tablets and measure prescriptions, so it is vital that they are able to concentrate and pay attention to small details.1 If you find that your mind has been accidentally wandering on the job, you may want to test out these tactics for improving your focus:

1. Limit screen time

While most of us carry around our smartphones to play games or excessively check Facebook on our computers during downtime, too much screen time can make it difficult to concentrate in other areas of our lives. To break the habit, try not to use technology during the first hour you’re awake or the hour prior to hitting the hay at night – this will help improve your ability to focus in the long run.2

2. Write notes

If you think of questions for the pharmacist throughout the day but he or she is too busy, write down a note for yourself and set the project aside until you have a chance to get the answer for which you’re looking. While you may think you’ll be able to remember your question later, pharmacies can get hectic at times. If you write your question down, you won’t have to spend valuable brain power trying to remember it later.3

3. Remind yourself out loud

You may think that talking to yourself will look a little funny, but verbalizing the activity you are working on can help improve your focus. Each time you finish a project and begin a new one, say what they are out loud. This will help make the switch in your brain a conscious choice.4

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