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Medical Assisting Student At Carrington Las Vegas Motivates Other Students to Succeed

April 13, 2021

Medical Assisting Student's Drive and Motivation Do Not Go Unnoticed at Carrington Las VegasDr. Ra’Chanel Wells, Campus Director at the Carrington College Las Vegas campus, noticed that Medical Assisting student Juandarius Hamilton was always the first student on campus.

“He was always present for class, on time, friendly, and always respectful,” she says. “His demeanor and his drive motivate other students.”

Juandarius’s dedication to his education, his career, and his role as a student mentor have not gone unnoticed, either.

“He goes above and beyond to help others,” Dr. Wells says. “His positive attitude serves as a testament to his ability as a leader and a team player.  He is on the path to success.”

Juandarius began the Medical Assisting program in June of 2020; although there were challenges presented with attending school during a pandemic, he never let that stand in his way.

Juandarius is now in his externship module at Nevada Health Centers, where he is learning even more, hands-on. Here, he answers a few questions about his experience as a Medical Assisting student.


What led you to study Medical Assisting?

When I had issues with my own health, I wished I’d had better quality care given to me. Then, when my grandmother was recovering from strokes, I saw how hard it was to get her the correct, efficient care she needed.

I want to be the person that treats my patients with family-like care because it is what they deserve. It makes me feel better to know that I am helping them get the kind of care I wasn’t able to receive.

When I was choosing a career, I knew I wanted to do something I would enjoy; I wanted to get up each day and be happy. I have always had a caring spirt, so I felt the medical field was a good fit; I could talk to patients and give them encouragement. I also like working with the elderly and hearing what they have to say; they give lots of good advice!

Why did you choose to study at Carrington College?

Carrington really stood out to me when I was was looking at schools and reading reviews, and I really liked that I could complete the program in nine months. Overall, my experience at Carrington was incredibly positive; the entire staff was helpful and hands-on. Dr. Wells and Ms. Jeny were very encouraging, always reaching out if anyone needed help.

What is your favorite part about your Externship?

I really enjoy working with my trainer, Erica, and making friends at work. My favorite part of my job is triage because I get to meet people; I enjoy getting to know them. I like doing real procedures, such as urinalysis.

What has been the most challenging part of your program?

The most challenging part of school was how much work was due each week. Because it is a nine-month program, there’s a lot to learn in a short time; it’s very demanding. I had to discipline myself to get it done, and to study for two tests per week.

The most challenging part of my work externship is adapting to different environments and different trainers. I really like the way my current trainer keeps me going at all times; I love her teaching style.

Another thing I’m learning to do and finding challenging is taking vital signs for pediatric patients—it’s something I hadn’t done before.

Is there anything you had to overcome to pursue your career?

Growing up was not the easiest time for me; I had many different home placements in the foster care system, and I wasn’t able to be presented with opportunities or resources to fulfill my goal. However, hard work and the drive to do better has brought me to a place where I feel security and peace of mind.  It was a tough journey, but I am glad I was able to persevere.

What advice would you have for students just starting the Medical Assisting program?

When I was growing up, I sometimes felt like I would never feel accomplished. I decided I wanted to get it together, I wanted to finish school. If you are interested in entering a career in the medical field, just go for it. Do it because you want a better life. Be motivated by doing better for yourself. When it gets challenging, remind yourself of why you are doing it—I had to tell myself that no matter what was going on, I had to just push forward. Success is on the way.  

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