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Making a Difference for Patients & Doctors through Medical Assisting

October 23, 2020

Making a Difference for Patients & Doctors through Medical AssistingSamantha Graham grew up watching her parents help others; her father worked in law enforcement, and her mother worked as a court reporter. When Samantha chose her career path, she knew that she wanted to be able to help people in her own way, too.

Samantha began the Medical Assisting program at Carrington College in September of 2019, completing the program in about ten months—with a slight delay due to COVID-19.

“I loved the program,” she says. “I enjoyed learning all of the things a medical assistant is certified to do, I love doing the blood draws, the injections, and assisting the doctor with minor procedures. I really liked the ‘hands-on’ aspect of the labs.”

Samantha felt that the program prepared her well for her externship, especially because of the labs, which students could return to campus for despite COVID-19.

“Getting a lot of practice doing blood draws and injections is the most important,” she says. “The more you do it, the more comfort and confidence you build before you go out into the field. You don’t want to be nervous giving an injection and have the patient wonder, ‘Does this person know what they’re doing?’”

She completed her externship at two places: St. Alphonsus Medical Clinic and West Valley Medical Group.

“At the family clinic, the doctors saw a lot of children, and so I discovered I really enjoy being with kids,” she says. “I can see myself working in pediatrics or even Obstetrics. You use a different mind- and skill set working with children. I was one of those kids that would run from nurses, so I understand how scary it can be for them and I like coming up with ways to make being at the doctor easier.”

Samantha says she finds ways to distract kids, especially the young toddlers, by giving them something to hold or play with—such as a tongue depressor—right before an injection.

Samantha is currently on the job search, filling out applications and working with Carrington’s Career Services to find a great job.

Kelly Robbins, Samantha’s Career Services advisor, is excited to see Samantha begin her career.

“Samantha is a super positive person,” Kelly says. “She’s very excited about her new career path.”

We wish Samantha all the best—her future patients will be in kind and capable hands under her care.

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