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Enrolling in a business degree program? Launch your venture with KickStarter

November 14, 2012

Launch your venture with KickStarterIf you’re like a lot of students who enroll in business degree programs, maybe you’ve got an idea for your own commercial enterprise. However, no matter how great your idea is, the road to becoming a successful business owner can be long and arduous. While you’re taking accounting classes and studying other aspects of running a business, you might be wondering how you’ll ever raise the capital to get your idea off the ground. Well, you might want to consider KickStarter, the world’s largest funding platform for entrepreneurs and creative projects. Here’s how you can leverage the power of this remarkable website:

• Shamelessly self-promote: Once you’ve launched your venture on KickStarter, ask your school if you can use its website to promote your enterprise. When it comes to raising funds on KickStarter, it’s all about exposure, and the extra traffic your project will receive could be a welcome shot in the arm for your fledgling initiative.

• Collaborate with other students: One of the most powerful marketing and promotional tools at your disposal is an eye-catching video, showcasing your product or service. Rather than waste precious funds producing a promo, why not work with film students to make one for a fraction of the cost? Likewise, rope in some students from the music department to provide your promo with a soundtrack and you’re on your way.

• Spread the word: If you’re studying at a large university, you should be prepared to tell everyone about your project – and that means everyone. If someone asks about your venture, have an “elevator pitch” ready. This is business school lingo for a short, punchy 30-second pitch that summarizes your product or service. You never know – your elevator pitch could convince someone to invest in your idea.

• Aim high: Sure, if everyone on your campus donated just $1, you’d be well on your way to making your startup business a reality, but that doesn’t mean you should be content to pitch your idea solely to other students. Whenever you’re discussing your idea or promoting it on the web, imagine you’re pitching your venture to angel investors on Wall Street. Don’t just act professional – be professional.

• Enlist the media department: Word of mouth and social media are excellent ways to spread the word, but some professional media coverage doesn’t hurt. Before you launch your KickStarter project, talk to the media department and try to get someone to write a press release. With even a little news coverage, your project could really take off.

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