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Interview with Antonio D. Thompson on Carrington College’s 30th Anniversary Serving the Mesa Community

May 17, 2022

This year the Carrington College Mesa campus will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. In honor of this historic milestone, we spoke with the Campus Director, Antonio D. Thompson, to discuss the impact our Mesa campus has had on the local community. Here is what he had to say.


Can you please tell us a little about yourself and your professional background?

I have worked in the field of education for nearly 20 years with the majority of those years in leadership roles. Prior to working in education, I served in the United States Air Force. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Operations and Information Systems and a master’s degree in Project Management.


What do you like the most about your position and working in education?

I enjoy helping people see that there is a different way and education is always a solid pathway. Education is something that can never be taken away. And the best bet in life is always you and education is a solid start.


What is one of your proudest accomplishments?

One of my proudest professional accomplishments was serving in the UASF. The United States Air Force provided me with a solid foundation for my future.

Another is guiding the Carrington College Mesa campus through the past several years. Every day was a challenge, but our students, faculty, staff and community partners never gave up.


What are your thoughts on Carrington College celebrating its 30th Anniversary in Mesa?

This is an awesome opportunity for everyone to celebrate 30 years of Carrington College giving back to the city of Mesa and the surrounding communities. Those 30 years in a community is a long time and countless lives have been impacted during that time.


How has the campus made an impact on the greater Mesa community?

Carrington College’s impact is immeasurable in that our graduates are out in their communities supporting themselves and their families while providing selfless medical services to those same communities and the world, impacting the lives of their patients and families.


How can your campus help the community by building strong relationships with local employers?

We can continue to graduate students from our programs that make a positive impact in the surrounding communities for another 30 years. Carrington College also partners and volunteers around the community with students and staff to give back and make the community better.


What makes Carrington College different from other colleges in Arizona?

What makes Carrington College different is the faculty and staff that we have supporting our students. Our Mesa family is very connected and continuously go above and beyond to support our students and the community.


What’s your favorite thing about Carrington College?

My favorite thing about Carrington College is the students looking for a different way and for the wonderful staff and faculty that are showing them.


What are some of your goals as the Campus Director?

My goal is to continue to make a positive impact on Mesa and the surrounding communities by educating students that will go out and make positive impacts in their communities and the world.

Another goal is to foster the professional growth and development of the educational leaders of tomorrow.


Anything else you would like to share with the Mesa community?

Thank you to the hard-working students that are currently enrolled in our program. Thank you for allowing Carrington College to be your educational partner on this and possibly future educational goals. I would also like to thank the staff and faculty educating and supporting them.

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