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Inspired Mother Came to Carrington College to Become a Dental Assistant

March 12, 2021

Inspired Mother Came to Carrington College to Become a Dental AssistantYara Grijalva, a busy mother, was inspired to go back to school in July of 2020 to make a better life for her family. She decided to become a Dental Assistant.


“I was living with my sister, working in retail, and I wanted to choose a new career path and move forward for my kids,” she says. “The Dental Assisting Program at Carrington College appealed to me because it’s a fast-paced program, and the blended schedule made it easier for me when I was working full-time. I’m glad I chose it—I’m really enjoying it.”


Yara’s experience in the program has been nothing but positive.


“My instructor, Ms. Sasha, is great,” she says. “She really wants her students to succeed,” she says, “She motivates all of us!”


Yara loves spending time in the lab and learning procedures; she really enjoys the hands-on aspect. Sasha Czyzewski, her Dental Assisting instructor, recognizes what a helpful and committed student she is—beyond time spent in class.


“Yara is such a dedicated student,” Sasha says. “She stays after class help make sure the lab is in order, and volunteers to help with anything. I can always depend on her. If there is something that needs a lot of attention, or needs to be organized, she is the person to go to.”


Sasha also says that Yara has been a great mentor to other students; she’s always there to help if students have questions. Being a mentor is something that Yara enjoys and learns from, and she knows how important a mentor can be to newer students.


“I have learned that teaching someone a skill really helps me learn and absorb the material, too,” Yara says. “When I first started, I thought the program would be hard but the students who mentored me made it a much better experience; I’d like to be that mentor for someone else.”


Yara is looking forward to her externship, to graduating, and to being in a new job early in the new year.


“Yara also maintains fantastic grades while working and taking care of her kids,” says Sasha. “She is a Rockstar. She has an amazing future ahead of her.”

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