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Graduation – Your Journey Starts Here in Pomona

August 25, 2015

Pomona Campus Graduating Class The Carrington College Pomona Campus celebrated its most recent graduates on Thursday June 25 at the Gardner Springs Auditorium in Ontario, California. There were so many graduates this year we chose a bigger venue so everybody could bring all their friends and family. Good thing we did, the auditorium was packed!

Pomona Medical Assisting GraduatesSandee Riffel, Director of Career Services in Pomona, was excited for all the students graduating that day, but saved some special words for several graduates who demonstrated real courage and commitment in the face of difficult personal circumstances to achieve their goals.

“We are so excited that we were able to celebrate all the first time college graduates, but particularly excited for our graduates who overcame adversity to get here. We know how challenging it can be to balance personal challenges and school and come out on top. Seeing students who have struggled finish their programs and walk proudly across the stage was an emotional moment for everyone,” she said.

It’s the commitment of faculty, staff and students coming together that make student success stories like these quite common around the 18 Carrington campuses.

“To see a group that challenged everyone and everything succeed, to see them smiling and celebrating was very rewarding! We have so many stories of success at Carrington, stories that we have the fortunate pleasure of being a part of,” added Sandee.

Pomona Dental GraduatesCongratulations to all our graduates!

And to current students reading this: take inspiration from the joy and sense of achievement on the faces of the grads in these great photos; work hard, stay on the path and this could be you in a few months!