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Grad Q&A with Dental Assisting Graduate Bailey Stretch

March 9, 2023

Bailey Stretch spent most of her childhood in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States. She experienced a serious injury in 2018, but persevered and eventually followed her dream to attend the Dental Assisting program at Carrington College in Phoenix, Arizona along with two of her younger sisters. Now that she has graduated, she is at a dental practice doing the work she loves.


Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Bailey Stretch and I was born in Hereford, England. I moved to the United States when I was 12 years old because my mother was born here and our whole family is here. I have an amazing family that consists of my mother, Cindy, who has shaped me into the person I am today. I also have three younger sisters and a little brother. They are my best friends. Two of my sisters attended Carrington for Dental Assisting with me, which was a fantastic experience. I am an outdoorsy person. My favorite thing to do is take trips to Sedona and go on hikes with my little pup, Baxter. He is everything to me and also loves the outdoors. I spend my free time outside, with family, or doing something artsy.


When did you decide to pursue a career in dental assisting?

I decided to pursue a career in dental assisting around December 2021. My interest started when I began experimenting with whitening. I’ve had a deep interest in teeth and having a beautiful smile for a long time.


What motivated you to choose Carrington College in particular?

I have always heard great things about Carrington College from friends. I also did a lot of research regarding what Carrington offers during their programs. Carrington has so much to offer and great resources. They were the best for what I was seeking.


When did you graduate?

I graduated in January of 2023 and will attend my walking graduation in May this year.


What was your favorite part of your program?

My favorite part of my program was the flexibility of the hybrid class. I also loved that we were able to be hands-on in a simulated dental office, which helped me prepare for the real world. Mostly, I loved my teacher and how kind, patient, and helpful she was. Ms. Zerkakh made my Carrington experience so memorable and enjoyable. She encouraged me the entire way.


What was the most challenging part of your program?

The most challenging part was the transition from being in class to doing an externship, because, at times, you don’t feel like you’re ready. But then, after completion, everything worked out better than I could have imagined!


What got you through the challenging times?

The support of Ms. Schroeder. She always made sure I was comfortable and happy throughout the learning process. Carrington went out of their way to ensure I was successful and I’m so grateful.


Are there Carrington instructors and/or staff members who you would like to acknowledge?

I would like to acknowledge Ms. Zerkakh for what an amazing teacher she was! I got into a life-altering accident in 2018, leaving me with severe nerve damage in my right wrist and arm. The odds were stacked against me. When I questioned my purpose in life and my capabilities, Ms. Zerkakh always made me feel like whatever I wanted to achieve was possible. She never doubted me and inspired me. I looked up to her throughout my entire time at Carrington.

I would also like to acknowledge Miss Savanna Campo and Ms. Shroeder. They worked with me on whatever I needed and ensured I was happy and content during the whole process and even after. I’m so grateful for all three of these ladies.


Please tell us about your current work.

I currently work at a dental office that I love. It has all new technology that I get to work with and experience. I have a lot of creative freedom in my new career, which is a blessing!


What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy the patients the most and the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with amazing people.


How did Carrington prepare you for your career?

Carrington prepared me in every way for my career, from professionalism to work ethic, even personal attitude and demeanor. They make sure you have every tool you need for success.


Do you have any advice for people interested in your field and/or going to Carrington?

My advice is to go into everything with a positive mindset and use your resources! You will have the best experience and the opportunity to turn your time at Carrington into something amazing. Carrington loves their students!


Is there anything we have left out that you would like to add?

Thank you, Carrington, for bringing my career to life and giving me the confidence that I needed to excel.

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