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Faculty Spotlight: Meet Karen Fuss-Sommer

January 14, 2016

Karen Fuss SommerKaren Fuss-Sommer is the Registered Nursing Program Director at the Carrington College Albuquerque campus. She’s been in nursing education since 1991 and has had the opportunity to teach in multiple undergraduate nursing programs including: vocational, associate degree and bachelor’s degree programs.

Before coming to Carrington College, Karen worked as program director and assistant dean of undergraduate programs at another school. “It has been challenging and rewarding at the same time” she said.

She’s loved working as the Registered Nursing Program Director at Carrington College for the past year. When asked about what she loves most she said, “Being an administrator of a nursing program means that you can impact students and nursing education on a grander scale. However, the thing I love most about being the director is the students. Every one of the students is unique and wonderful in their own right. Watching students grow, change and mature into the nursing profession provides me with countless hours of joy!” She hopes to make a positive impact at Carrington College’s Albuquerque campus.

Karen explains that the program is a very intense six-semester associate degree program, which can lead to a thriving nursing career with the skills, knowledge and attitude needed for the field.

To help students get involved in the community, the program has opportunities for interaction with the community in clinical rotations. “Not only are students in the community in a health care setting, they participate in health fairs and health screenings at schools.” A piece of advice that Karen has for anyone who is interested in the Registered Nursing Program at the Albuquerque campus is to, “follow your dreams and don’t let anything stop you. All things happen when they are supposed to.”

Before moving to Albuquerque, Karen lived in Texas. While she misses the humidity, she enjoys the mountain scenery and the temperature that Albuquerque has to offer. She’s found comfort and delight in the 14 months she has spent in Albuquerque.  Her faculty says they’ll make sure she tries all of the fantastic Albuquerque restaurants by the end of the year!

Karen grew up in a town north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. Her mother was a practicing nurse and both of her parents understood the importance of going to college and gave Karen the drive to achieve her goals. Her role models include a combination of people she has encountered throughout her career; a good friend, Dr. Ava Miller was her mentor and colleague at the University of Texas at Brownsville. Dr. Miller provided her with the example of the teacher she wanted to be.

When Karen isn’t working, she enjoys traveling. Her favorite place she has visited so far has been the South of France.

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