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Executive Director Spotlight – Meet Mark Chellberg

January 7, 2016

There’s a new executive director in town at our Mesquite, Texas campus, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to the Carrington flock!

Mark Chellberg has been a part of the DeVry Education Group family for over a decade. In that time, he’s proven himself as a dynamic leader with a commitment towards teamwork and collaboration.


Mark ChellbergMark has a background in campus operations, marketing and strategic planning, and he’s bringing a ton of industry experience and knowledge with him to the Mesquite campus.

“I started as an adjunct professor at Keller Graduate School of Management before serving as the Center Director in Elgin, IL for Keller. I also served as the Center Dean and Regional Manager at DeVry University,” he said.

This isn’t Mark’s first rodeo as a campus director, the Carrington College executive director role is different than his past roles. Carrington’s accelerated programs focus on providing students the hands-on learning with academic support along with externships and community exposure to prepare them for life after graduation.

“Since my earliest days in teaching in the classroom, I’ve always been focused on transformative learning from the ‘outside in’.  Our goal here is to best serve our students’ educational needs, offering enhanced programs to create more opportunities for them to compete in marketplace,” he said. Mark wants to keep that focus in Mesquite.


His past career opportunities have served him well and provided a solid foundation as he has transitioned back to campus operations in Texas.

“I’m still getting acquainted with the area, but what’s not to love?  Everyone has been super friendly and welcoming, and the growth opportunities in health care in North Texas are expanding exponentially,” he said.

An increasing number of Fortune 500 companies are making North Texas their home, as well as many excellent health care facilities and teaching medical institutions. Mark thinks this makes the area a perfect sweet spot for Carrington College.

Carrington College is well connected in the Mesquite and Dallas/Fort Worth communities. “Our campus provides ongoing free health care clinics that offer blood pressure screenings, EKG and other diagnostic checks, which the students perform as part of their hands-on learning,” he shared.

“Beyond our neighborhood clinic support, the Dental Assisting program[1] has been an integral part of serving our local communities with the Dallas HeadStart program and Mesquite Day Schools,” he said.

Twice this year, Carrington College hosted a ‘Dentalpalooza Kids Day’ at the Mesquite campus, where both youth programs had access to free dental exams and oral hygiene care performed by local area dentists.  He plans to continue focusing on events like this because they provide a great platform to give back to the communities we serve and they truly amplify the “Carrington Cares” culture.

Mark stays motivated by tracking the students’ successful learning outcomes, such as the number of externs, graduates and employed health care professionals coming out of the school.

“I’m able to observe their initial fears and trepidations and then quickly see their transformative learning from classroom and lab exercises into a clinical setting in less than one year, and it gives meaning and purpose to each and every day,” he said. Mark credits these successes to the excellent faculty and caring staff.


To learn more about Carrington College’s Mesquite campus click here.

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