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Employee Retention is a Big Concern for Businesses Throughout the Country. Daniel Sharpe, Dean of Curriculum Gives Us Insight.

March 17, 2022

Daniel Sharpe

Employee retention continues to be one of the biggest concerns for businesses throughout the country. One way for businesses to keep employees satisfied and committed is through employee growth and professional development initiatives. This was especially true for Daniel Sharpe who started out as an instructor for Carrington College and now serves as the Dean of Curriculum. 

“I began my career at Carrington College in 2012 as a Pharmacy Technology Instructor and Extern Coordinator at the Phoenix Campus,” says Daniel. “I was eventually promoted to the role of Program Director at our Mesa campus and form there I became the Assistant Dean of Academic Excellence. After some time, I became the Assistant Dean of Instruction and in 2020 accepted the position of Dean of Curriculum,” added Daniel. 

There are two main factors that contributed to Daniel’s success and why he is proud to be part of the Carrington College team. The first is the time he spent in the classroom working with students and seeing how the curriculum impacts their learning. The second is the guidance that he received, from many of the College’s current leaders, to help him develop and grow into his current role. 

“The most important thing to recognize about Carrington College is how diverse of an organization we are,” says Daniel. “Within the college there are a multitude of opportunities and different positions. I developed the majority of the skills needed while employed at Carrington College and have been able to take on additional assignments that prepared me for advancing my career,” added Daniel. “Even in my current role I have the ability to work with so many different departments, in so many disciplines, I feel like I learn something new every day.”  

Prior to joining the Carrington College team, Daniel worked for a large healthcare company as a Senior Business Analyst. Although he enjoyed the position, he had no passion for the company and no desire for a long-term commitment. When he came to Carrington College as an instructor, he did not expect to develop such a passion for helping students and improving their lives through education. That passion for his students, along with his gratitude for the company that helped him grow his career, is something that he still holds dear to this day. 

“The best advice I can give somebody looking to build their career at Carrington College is to always take on stretch assignments that are outside your comfort zone,” says Daniel. “Always be willing to learn a new skill that is unrelated to your current position. Developing this knowledge will help you advance to new positions within the college,” added Daniel. “I am grateful to be part of an organization that values my expertise and provides the tools and resources needed to grow a long-term rewarding career.” 

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