Dr. Betzi Quiroz: Empowering Students While Transforming Lives in Idaho’s Sheep Herding Community

Just a short drive from Boise, Idaho, exists a community that often goes unnoticed —the Peruvian sheep herders of Idaho. For 28 years, Dr. Betzi Quiroz, a dedicated nursing instructor at Carrington College Boise, has been their beacon of hope. Together with her students, she brings not just medical care but also compassion and support to these hardworking individuals who tend to their flocks amidst the rugged landscapes of Idaho. 


In a recent spotlight by the Idaho Press, Dr. Quiroz’s remarkable journey and the impactful work she’s doing with her students were brought to light. With unwavering dedication, she leads her nursing students on a unique field trip—one that takes them far beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. They embark on a journey to the campsites of the Peruvian sheep herders, where they provide invaluable medical care, support, and learning opportunities. 


Living a nomadic lifestyle, the Peruvian herders traverse Idaho’s terrains, managing vast herds of sheep without the luxuries many take for granted: electricity, running water, or modern facilities. Yet, amidst these challenges, they persevere, nurturing their flocks and supporting their families both in Idaho and back home in Peru. Each spring, the herders face the demanding task of aiding in the delivery of countless newborn lambs, often reaching up to 50 births per day—a testament to their resilience and dedication. 


Dr. Quiroz understands the critical importance of her work with the sheep herders. Beyond providing medical assistance, she offers essential supplies like food and clothing, bridging the gap between their isolated lifestyle and the resources they need to thrive. But her impact extends far beyond the tangible; she instills a sense of compassion and cultural understanding in her students, enriching their education and nurturing their empathy. 


In a feature by KTVB-TV, Dr. Quiroz’s innovative approach to reaching the herders was highlighted. Recognizing the challenges of accessibility and communication in remote areas, she utilizes creative solutions to ensure that no one is left behind. Her dedication to breaking barriers and delivering care where it’s needed most sets an inspiring example for her students and the community alike. 


Dr. Betzi Quiroz’s work embodies the essence of nursing—compassion, advocacy, and service. Through her tireless efforts, she not only improves the health and well-being of the Peruvian sheep herders but also enriches the lives of her nursing students. Her legacy of care reverberates far beyond the rugged landscapes of Idaho, touching the hearts of all those fortunate enough to witness her unwavering commitment to those in need. 


Learn more about Carrington College Boise and its Practical Nursing Program in Idaho.

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