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Debunking summer health myths

May 17, 2013
Don’t be fooled by these summer health myths!

Summer may not exactly be flu season, but there are plenty of other health risks that could put a dent in your vacation plans – sunburn, anyone? What you really need to be careful of, however, is succumbing to summer health myths. Think you know the best home remedies for summertime ailments? Think again.

Myth: Butter will cure your sunburn
Fact: While putting butter on a burn that you’ve incurred while cooking can certainly help, it won’t do much when you’re battling sunburn. Butter is essentially a moisturizer, so if you want to soothe your lobster-red skin, reach for a compress made of crushed ice and a towel soaked in milk instead.

Myth: Poison ivy is contagious
Fact: It’s the worst fear of every kid who has ever gone to camp: You’ll contract poison ivy from the kid who has a rash. In reality, once the chemicals from the plant are washed off, the rash can’t be spread to others. To be safe, those who come in contact with poison ivy should wash their clothes and clean their skin as soon as possible.

Myth: You don’t need sunscreen if your makeup has SPF
Fact: While it’s certainly a good idea to wear makeup infused with SPF, that alone will not protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreen must be reapplied every few hours, and let’s face it – most women don’t continuously re-apply their makeup throughout the day. For the best results, wear UVA/UVB protection underneath your foundation each day.

Myth: Air conditioning can make you sick
Fact: Cold temperatures do not make you sick – viruses and bacteria make you sick. In other words, if you’re not feeling well, chances are the air conditioning has nothing to do with it. However, cleaning your air conditioner vent every few months will reduce the risk of mold growing that could aggravate your allergies.

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