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Carrington Spokane Graduate Decided to Pursue Medical Assisting After Years of Being a Caregiver in the Philippines

January 17, 2021
Carrington Spokane Graduate Decided to Pursue Medical Assisting After Years of Being a Caregiver in the Philippines header

Vilma Fenton chose to pursue her Medical Assistant certification after 21 years of caregiving experience in the Philippines and 3 more years in the United States.

“I decided to expand my knowledge in the medical field and continue following my heart’s desire—helping elderly people, but at a different level,” she explains.

Vilma began the Medical Assisting program at Carrington College in September of 2019. Though English is her second language, she never let this challenge get in her way of learning and succeeding. She did her externship at the Dermatology Clinic of Spokane, where her favorite thing to do was assist during surgeries.

“Learning phlebotomy was very challenging for me,” she remembers. “I was so nervous and scared the first time, but after a few tries I gained more and more self-confidence and overcame my fear, and I believe that my phlebotomy experience is now my greatest strength.”


Vilma graduated in August of 2020. She currently works as a certified medical assistant for Daiya Healthcare at the Spokane Veterans Home. Her favorite parts of her job so far are assisting with scheduling and telemedicine.


“Vilma was one of the best students I’ve worked with, especially during a time in our country when we are feeling down—she was always upbeat, even when there were changes in her classes and internship because of Covid,” says Bethany Heide, Senior Career Services Advisor Carrington College.


Vilma externship was delayed due to Covid, but once students and administrators had the okay to do their externships, they reached out to the community to see who was comfortable to take students. The dermatology clinic was grateful for Vilma’s assistance, bedside manner, and for how helpful and positive she was.


“Learning English while Vilma was doing the program—along with learning medical terminology and more—it was a big accomplishment, and so inspiring to see,” Bethany continues. “She progressed and persevered, and passed her certification exam with flying colors.”


Vilma was very eager to find a job once she was graduated—and was also excited to begin the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.


Vilma’s positive outlook and her passion to help others an inspiration—we wish her all the best at her new job!

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