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Student Spotlight: Mike Medberry

February 10, 2016

Mike Medberry worked as an environmentalist for years. His conservation team was responsible for making Craters of the Moon in Idaho a national monument, so he regularly visited the area for research.

Mike’s life changed during one visit. He suffered a stroke while hiking Craters of the Moon and was abandoned in the wilderness for hours before he was found.

Mike spent the next 15 years learning to re-train his brain to perform everyday tasks – walking, talking writing, simply living. His former career was no longer an option, so Mike began a search for a new opportunity. He was drawn to the Pharmacy Technology program [1] at Carrington College in Boise. He thought it would be the most interesting and the most challenging – he found both to be true.

Overcoming Challenges

While Mike had regained many of his cognitive skills, he found a new set of obstacles in the classroom. The school environment meant learning to use new technology to study and complete class assignments. Being a pharmacy technician also meant lots of memorizing – something Mike struggled with after his stroke.

Mike says he was able to turn these challenges into success thanks to the team at Carrington College. Mike had regular assistance from the Carrington College Student Success Center, and found in-class training, such as the mock-pharmacy project, instrumental in helping prepare him for his first job. Mike was the manager of his team’s pharmacy and, for the first time, he was able to put all the classroom skills he had learned together.

Student Spotlight - Mike Medberry
Mike Medberry

Looking Ahead

After graduation, Mike was hired by MVI Animal Health to work in its animal pharmacy. It is a “closed-door pharmacy” which means prescriptions are filled, but pharmacy technicians don’t interact directly with patients. With this new job, Mike has found a fulfilling career that allows him flexibility so he can still enjoy one of his greatest passions: writing.

Mike recently wrote a book called On the Dark Side of the Moon. The book chronicles his experience having and recovering from a stroke.

Noting his in-class experience, Mike mentioned that “it was really inspirational to see others with different challenges doing just fine.” For Mike, it was a journey of self-discovery and a new career that led him to Carrington College, but he realized everyone had their own journeys.

Finding a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

At Carrington College, it is not a once size fits all environment, but all students are united by a common goal: the drive to change and a passion for what the future may hold. Mike’s advice to first-time and returning students is simple: “You just have to persevere and work hard and you’ll get there.”

If you are just starting your career journey or are looking to change your current career path, Carrington College could be the right place for you. For comprehensive consumer information, visit


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