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Carrington College is Proud to Honor Dental Assistant Recognition Week

March 2, 2020

Every year Dental Assistant Recognition Week™ (DARW) is held the first full week in March to honor dental assistants for being a key part of the dental practice who enhance patient satisfaction and strengthens the overall profession. This year, DARW is scheduled for March 1-7, 2020, as the 43rd annual celebration to acknowledge the vital role the nation’s more than 200,000 dental assistants play in providing quality dental health care to the American public.


At Carrington College we love our Dental Assisting faculty, staff and students who are committed to learning and improving their professional development. That is why we are honored to support DARW and every dental assistant who works hard to improve patient lives by providing quality dental care.


Now, a lot of people ask: “What exactly do dental assistants do?” Sure, we’ve all been to the dentist’s office and seen a dental assistant at work, but what they do is different from other specialists in the dental profession.

Carrington College is Proud to Honor Dental Assistant Recognition Week

Dental assistants help in many different ways. Before you even enter the office, the dental assistant is busy preparing to make your visit as smooth as possible. The dental assistant pulls your file and then sterilizes and prepares the instruments that will be needed during your visit.


Once you are there, the dental assistant will offer a smile and help get you ready. During the procedure, the dental assistant hands the dentist instruments and records important patient information so the dentist can move quickly and safely to make your visit as trouble-free as possible. Dental assistants may also take and develop your X-rays. Once you’re all done, they will help to make sure you’re all set to leave and they may even work with you to schedule your next appointment. In short, the dental assistant is an indispensable part of the team that helps you keep your pearly whites!


So what type of person makes a great dental assistant? These are individuals who genuinely care about others and want to make a difference in their lives. Dental assistants also make a real difference in their communities as they often help children, adults and the elderly. The profession is geared towards a good listener who can think and solve problems. It is ideal for those who can work independently, but understand the importance of teamwork. After all, dentists and orthodontists need dental assistants and hygienists, medical administrative assistants, and medical billing and coding professionals to help serve their clients. Without these team members, the office would not be able to function. That is why DARW is an important annual recognition and celebration of all the hard-working dental assistants.


“Dental Assistant Recognition Week (DARW) is the celebration and recognition of the passion and dedication shown by dental assistants across the nation each day,” said Robynn Rixse, President of the American Dental Assistants Association. “DARW is an acknowledgment of the value that dental assistants bring to their offices, classrooms, and facilities as they care for their patients, educate the next generation of dental assistants, and contribute to improved oral health overall,” added Rixse. “The American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) works closely with other organizations to bring recognition and promote the dental assisting profession.”


In addition, dental assisting is a fast-growing career. According to O*NET OnLine, a database of occupational information sponsored by the Department of Labor, dental assisting is a “Bright Prospect” career. That means from 2018 to 2028 it is projected to grow faster than many other segments of the job market. It’s also a great career for someone who wants to get into the job market quickly.


Learn more about the Dental Assisting program here at Carrington College.

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