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Healthcare can be an integral part of daily life—Americans rely on doctors, nurses, lab technicians, pharmacy employees, and more. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 83.4% of adults and 94% of children in the United States saw a doctor at least once between 2019 and 2020. And in 2018, there were 860.4 million physician office visits. While many think of doctors, surgeons, or dentists—careers that take years of advanced study—as the most important healthcare professionals, healthcare support workers also play an important role. Healthcare support workers assist healthcare providers such as doctors and nurses in providing patient care. Roles may include medical assistants, home health aides, phlebotomists, or pharmacy technicians. These support roles often require shorter training periods, meaning you could start working in healthcare in as few as three months.

Healthcare Support Roles With Short Training Periods

As Little as Three Months

Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomists make a vital contribution to high-quality patient care. As an essential part of a healthcare team, phlebotomists procure blood samples for laboratory analysis through direct patient interaction. Phlebotomists must be knowledgeable in areas such as body system anatomy and function and proper selection of equipment. They are skilled professionals that understand their role is crucial to patient care and the assurance of quality laboratory reports. Carrington College’s Phlebotomy Technician course can be completed in as few as three months. Learn more about life as a phlebotomist.

As Few as Nine Months

Dental Assisting

A dental assistant helps dentists and dental hygienists by performing a variety of tasks, including:1

  • Caring for patients
  • Handling dental records
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Cleaning dental equipment

A Dental Assisting program may take up to two years to complete, depending on whether the goal is a certificate, diploma, or degree. However, Carrington College’s Dental Assisting certificate program can be completed in as little as nine months. Read our guide to becoming a dental assistant.

Medical Assisting

Medical assistants perform a number of clinical and administrative tasks in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and care centers. Since medical assistants work in a variety of settings, duties can differ greatly depending on the care setting, the size of the facility, or the specialty of the physicians who work there. Some medical assistant duties may include:

  • Recording patient history and personal information
  • Measuring vital signs, such as blood pressure
  • Helping physicians with patient examinations
  • Giving patients injections or medications as directed by physicians and as permitted by state law
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Preparing blood samples for laboratory tests
  • Entering patient information into medical records

One of the benefits of becoming a medical assistant is that you can prepare to enter the working world much more quickly than other medical roles. You can complete a Medical Assisting program in as few as nine months for a certificate of achievement. Learn more in our medical assistant career guide.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Massage therapists may help clients relax or help to decrease pain or increase mobility. The massage therapy certificate program at Carrington College can typically be completed in as few as 36 weeks  of instruction. Read our guide to working as a massage therapist.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding is a part of the medical reimbursement cycle and actually encompasses two separate jobs. Medical billing is the process of invoicing, submitting, and following up on claims with health insurance companies. Medical coding, on the other hand, is the process of translating medical procedures into common medical codes used in the healthcare industry. Medical codes help summarize the medical services a patient receives. Students can complete Carrington’s program with a certificate in as few as nine months. Read our career guide on medical and billing and coding.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians fill prescription medications and dispense them to customers or health professionals. They work closely with pharmacists and the public in a variety of settings. While becoming a pharmacist takes years of training, students can complete Carrington’s Pharmacy Technology program in as few as nine months. Read more about how to become a pharmacy technician.

Physical Therapist Aide

Physical therapist aides work under the supervision of physical therapists or physical therapist assistants. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the tasks that physical therapist aides are allowed to do vary by state. They are usually responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and organized, preparing for each patient’s therapy, and helping patients as needed in moving to or from a treatment area. In addition, aides do a variety of clerical tasks, such as ordering supplies, scheduling treatment sessions, and completing insurance forms. At Carrington College, students can complete the Physical Therapy Technology program in as few as nine months. Read our career guide on physical therapy technology.

As Few as 12 Months

Licensed Practical Nursing/Licensed Vocational Nursing

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) are different titles for the same job. They are both entry-level positions providing basic medical care under the direction of registered nurses and doctors. Daily tasks may include basic patient care such as changing bandages, assisting with daily tasks like bathing or moving, and keeping patient records up-to-date. Practical Nursing and Vocational Nursing certificate programs can be completed in as few as 12 months through Carrington College. Learn more about different levels of nursing.

Find Your Fit in Healthcare

Whether you want to work with patients every day or stay behind the scenes, Carrington College offers numerous programs to prepare for a variety of careers in the medical field including nursing and dental programs—meaning you can explore what path is right for you. Ready to train for your new career? Get started and contact enrollment services today.   Sources

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