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‘CAN Do’ Attitude Shines Through In Boise

April 28, 2015

Can-Castle-Logo Last month students at the Carrington College – Boise campus had all ‘cans’ of fun helping the Boise Rescue Mission during their 4th annual Can Castle Food Drive.

As a part of the March to End Hunger campaign, the task was to collect canned food, non-perishable food items and hygiene products and then build castles from the items collected. Participants in the drive were asked to take pictures of their creations and submit them to the mission for judging.

While prizes are given for the best displays, the real winners, of course, are those served by the mission who received the food donations after the castles were broken down.

Yes We CAN!

On March 1st students, staff and faculty were encouraged to start gathering items, and deposit them in numerous large plastic bins found around campus. The wider contest officially started with a Channel 7 news broadcast on March 17th. Teams had two weeks to continue collecting food and build the very best Can Castles possible. Photo submissions were due March 31st, and judging soon followed.

To make things even more entertaining (because who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly campus competition!) Liza Long, the Student Success Center Manager in Boise, organized a contest to see which program could donate the most items. The winners would be rewarded with a lunch – not canned food I’m told!

Student Success Center Blue & Goldie” themed displayA special request went out from Student Success Center work study students for donations of items with blue or gold colored labels – they had a particular design planned! Special thanks to Ashleigh Van Fossen and Sophea Chorn, Student Success Center tutors, who brought the design to life, creating this marvelous “Blue & Goldie” themed display.


A shout out to PTA for their skeleton-themed contributionAs our campuses often prove, #CarringtonCares is always in evidence as Boise Executive Campus Director, Gary Stark Jr., explains – “Carrington College has a dedication to serve the communities we are a part of. The Can Castle Food Drive is a great way for us to help. We have a responsibility to improve our community not only through education, but also through service. Our students are developed to be career professionals in all aspects – including community service and social responsibility.”

The outcome of this food drive was amazing. A total of 1,434 pounds, that’s nearly ¾ of a ton, of food was collected and donated! The winners of our campus program competition are…

Congratulations to the Nursing Bridge students, who in the words of contest organizer Liza Long “kind of rocked this thing!” Mark Fuller, Assistant Program Director, Nursing Bridge, added – “The Nursing Department is proud to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our students towards the Boise Rescue Mission donations. Our accomplished goal to engage the students into community responsibility was met beyond expectation. We are validated, as faculty, that our commitment to set the foundation of compassion and community involvement into our nursing program has set the students of Carrington College apart. These results are but a small portion of how we, as faculty, plan to showcase our students successes. “

The organizer of the Boise Rescue Mission Can Castle Food Drive, Jake Nydegger, was very grateful for the efforts of all the students, staff, and faculty who participated, “We really appreciate your involvement and support. Your contribution will feed a lot of people. Thank you!”

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