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Business & Accounting Join Our Curriculum

April 12, 2012

Business StudentOver the last 40+ years Carrington College California has helped shape the careers of thousands of students entering health, legal and technical professions. This past February, 4 of our campus locations welcomed important additions in the shape of 2 new, exciting Associate of Science degree programs.

Our Citrus HeightsPleasant HillSan Jose, and San Leandro campuses now offer students the opportunity to move their careers into yet another new direction, by studying for an associate’s degree in Business or Accounting.

Previously only offered online, both programs can typically be completed in about 18 months, and are an enjoyable mix of on-campus and online courses. They are taught by knowledgeable, passionate instructors with real world industry experience; professionals who use their insight to prepare students for the real-life situations they may have to deal with in a future business or accounting career.

Jeff Akens, Carrington College California President, believes that the addition of these programs is an important step forward, for our college, our state, and our students.

“Access to quality higher education is critical to growing a competitive workforce. By expanding our curriculum to include business-related programs, we give our students the tools to compete in the rapidly changing 21st century job market.”

Programs in the business field focus on developing an understanding of economics, finance, human resources, management and sales, through hands-on classroom curriculum and real world experiences. While students in the Accounting program learn essential accounting responsibilities, including how to track financial records and transactions, how to handle payroll and billing functions, and more.

Both programs culminate in capstone projects. Accounting students will utilize their new skills and knowledge to complete a financial analysis of a proposed merger by preparing budgets and reports. While Business program students will be tasked with designing a complete business plan and implementation timeline for a new company. For those who plan on running their own business some day, the fundamentals of finance and business taught in these interesting programs could be very helpful.

Graduates of our Accounting program can apply for positions such as junior accountants, bookkeepers, accounting assistants, billing clerks, or credit analysts. Others may choose to use their Carrington accounting education as a foundation for going on to study a higher degree, such as a bachelor’s, master’s, and eventually a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

With an associate’s degree in Business, graduates can focus their efforts on looking for entry-level positions as business administrators, assistant managers, office managers, human resources assistants and sales or services representatives.

Although unemployment in our country is still high, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates favorable to excellent job growth projections for careers in business and accounting. So if you are considering a career in business or accounting, why not look into getting that career started at Carrington College California?

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