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Act Smart. Be Aware. Stay Safe.

November 14, 2012

Student SecurityCarrington College and Carrington College California constantly strive to ensure the safety and security of our students and staff. But while on campus, as you would at the mall or the store, you need to be aware of your surroundings and take sensible precautions to protect yourself and your belongings.

Most incidents are crimes of opportunity, and occur when property is left unattended or unlocked. If you make it harder for criminals to exploit those opportunities, then you are less likely to be a victim of a crime such as theft.

Here are a few basic, common sense safety tips to remember:

  • Don’t bring your bling – Keep your jewelry at home
  • Stash the cash – While on campus keep your money secure in your scrubs
  • Stay sharp – Always be aware of your surroundings – look around!
  • Speak out – Report all suspicious persons to your campus Incident Commander (IC) or Campus Dean
  • Buddy up – Don’t walk out to your car alone at night, always watch out for students & co-workers
  • Lock it up – Keep your car doors locked, & keep things like keys, mail, change, sunglasses, even cigarettes out of sight
  • Keep your junk in the trunk – If you leave any bags, backpacks or jackets in your car, lock them in the trunk
  • Report it – Report any burned out lights or safety hazards to the IC immediately
  • Be prepared – On the way to your car, carry your keys in your hands. You can get into your car faster and the keys may be used as a weapon if necessary
  • Be Smart – Never leave your valuables (like a wallet, handbag, cell phone) unattended in an office, classroom, library, even for a minute – a thief can snatch it in seconds

There is no need to be alarmed, but we do want you to be prepared and to be sensible, and not just while you’re on campus. The better we all are at taking precautions, using our common sense, and paying attention to simple tips like those above, the more we can stamp out crimes of opportunity.

Each Carrington campus has an Incident Commander. If you don’t know who that is on your campus, ask your instructor or a member of staff. In case of an incident, you can also call the DeVry security hotline at 630.829.1700.

Remember – Act smart. Be aware. Stay safe.

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