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8 Things You Should Make Time For Today

October 3, 2013

Make Time For TodayTime is precious – no doubt. But with busy lives, if you’re not careful you can soon discover that you’ve forgotten to find time for some of the important things, and the important people, in your life.

We know our programs are demanding, and as a Carrington College student you’ve got a lot of studying to do. You’ve probably also got a job, maybe two, and some of you have family to take care of as well. That’s a lot of pressure on your schedule.

But tomorrow, why not try to see how many of these eight things you can accomplish. Some won’t take long – a matter of seconds – others might be more difficult to fit in, but why not try to see if you can go eight for eight?  It’ll be good for your mind and body to take some time for yourself and your loved ones.

1.   Tell someone what they mean to you

This one takes just a few seconds. Tell an important person in your life just how much they mean to you. It could be your mom or dad, your husband/wife/partner, your kids, maybe your best friend… Tell them you love and appreciate them, and that you couldn’t be making this change in your life without their support.

2.   Do something nice for a stranger

Doing something nice for a stranger doesn’t have to take long, but it will make you feel great. This weekend my wife and I were grabbing dessert in a gelato shop, when two young girls behind us in line discovered they were a couple of bucks short on their $9 check. I handed over two bills to cover it; they were so grateful you’d have thought it was Christmas. And it made us feel great!

3.   Try something different

It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, but break your routine. If you normally eat in front of the TV, try sitting at the table and talking. Maybe say yes to something you might normally say no to. Just breaking out of your normal routine, however simple, can be liberating!

4.   Learn something new

This should be easy for you; hopefully our students learn something new every day! I’ve given you this one as a freebie!  Just seven more to get done in one day!

5.   Take a walk

Get some fresh air – it clears the mind and refreshes the body. Do you take the bus to school? Get off one stop early and walk the last block or two. Better yet, take 30 minutes to go for a walk when you get home. Take the family and share some quality time away from ‘devices’ – see #7

6.   Eat breakfast

You’ve heard it before – make time for the most important meal of the day. Breakfast gives you the start your body needs to get through the next 14-18 hours awake!      But far too many of us skip it because we don’t have time. Make time and make breakfast!

7.   Turn off the phone/tablet/TV/computer

For just 30 minutes, go offline. It will do your brain good. Looking to be efficient? Combine this with #5 and you’ve just saved half an hour!

8.   Be there for a friend

You’d want them to be there for you, so always make time for a friend that’s going through something tough and needs to talk. What goes around comes around!

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