Sacramento, California Dental Hygiene Program

Sacramento, CA - A sparkling place to study Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygienists are licensed oral health professionals who provide preventive, educational, and therapeutic dental services to their patients. The Dental Hygiene associate degree, available at our Sacramento campus, can provide students with the practical experience and education they need to help them succeed in a Dental Hygiene career.

So if you are looking for dental schools in Sacramento, or for colleges that can offer you Dental Hygienist training, you should add the Carrington College California Sacramento campus to your list of Dental Hygiene degree programs to consider.

  • Sacramento graduates are awarded an Associate of Science degree in Dental Hygiene
  • Our program is designed to meet the needs of clinics, dentists’ offices, and hospitals
  • Our Dental Hygiene degree  prepares you for the legal and professional requirements of the profession
  • Students receive training in the Dental Hygiene process of care
  • We prepare our graduates to take the Dental Hygiene National Board and state licensing exams*

You can shine on our Sacramento Dental Hygiene program

The experienced, friendly and extremely knowledgeable Dental Hygiene program instructors at our Sacramento campus make sure that their students understand the framework for devising and delivering personalized oral care programs, known as the Dental Hygiene Process of Care.

The faculty also ensure that students have the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the Dental Hygiene National Board exam, and any necessary state licensing examinations.** Their goal is to equip graduates with the knowledge and training that will help them shine in a Dental Hygiene career, ensuring they have the skills and confidence to:

  • Communicate confidently and professionally with patients and colleagues
  • Administer local anesthesia
  • Observe oral abnormalities and record patient issues
  • Offer periodontal therapies like plaque or stain removal
  • Take oral x-rays, and apply fluoride and fissure sealants
  • Apply research advances to the oral care provided

A healthy career can await Dental Hygienists

Dental Hygiene is one of the fastest growing occupations of the decade; the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment of Dental Hygienists will grow 38% from 2010 to 2020, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.***

So if you would like to start a career in dental care, and join one of the country’s fastest growing professions, you should talk to a Carrington College California Enrollment Services Representative today.  Dental Assisting classes will be enrolling soon at our Sacramento, CA, campus, so make the call today.

* Licensure requirements may vary by state.

** Carrington College® California prepares students to take appropriate certification and licensure exams related to their individual majors. The College does not guarantee students will successfully pass these exams or be certified or licensed as a result of completing the program.

*** Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook (2012-13 Ed.)