You could complete your Veterinary Assisting education in about 9 months1!




1. Not including breaks. Program length by weeks and admission requirements can be found here in the academic catalog.

Three great reasons to choose Carrington

Fixed Tuition Promise

Fixed Tuition Promise

Carrington College is committed to making sure you know what you’ll pay for, no surprises! That’s why we offer the Fixed Tuition Promise…it means your tuition will stay the same through the length of your program2.

2. Fixed Tuition Promise is available for all Carrington College students who remain active and in good standing during the duration of their program. Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from school and are not reinstated within 180 days of their last date of attendance are subject to a tuition increase. Students who are required to repeat a course to fulfill graduation requirements are subject to additional expenses.


Support Outside the Classroom

You’ll have access to a confidential5 and complimentary service called ASPIRE. Specialists can help you work through personal problems, legal issues, childcare referrals, housing assistance or financial concerns. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. All information shared with the ASPIRE program is strictly confidential unless the student consents otherwise or law requires.

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What Will I Learn in Carrington College’s Veterinary Assisting program?

Our students share what they’ve learned in the program…and introduce you to some cute and cuddly animals!

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