How To Give Your Puppy CPR – Infographic

Your CPR certification for adults does not automatically mean you also know the correct way to perform CPR on a puppy. Chest compression for humans and dogs involve forceful motions, with one hand on top of the other on the surface of the chest.  However, this sort of force may do more harm than good when dealing with a puppy.  Learn the steps to modified respiration and CPR for puppies to increase their chance of survival.

How to give your puppy CPR

Via Carrington’s Veterinary Technician Program

9 thoughts on “How To Give Your Puppy CPR – Infographic

  1. Pets safety

    Awesome infographic.
    Good job, it would be very useful for the people who don’t have pet sitters in their home. Thanks!

  2. This is a very useful post. Remember though, call your emergency vet clinic right away. If you call 911 for your pup, they wont come, some people really do think they respond to animals as well.

  3. raef

    very useful ! thanks for sharing

  4. Rose Hargrove

    Thank you for posting this.

  5. melissa

    Great info. But how do I find a pet first aid kit?

  6. Katrina

    Thanks for uploading this info!

  7. Diane

    Thank you for this lesson. I have 2 puppies and it is good to be prepared for emergencies.

  8. Mary W

    Does this also work on adult cats?

  9. Julia Potvin

    Awesome information and I love that you have shared it, and are willing to have it shared. Will be adding it to a post on my site, Thanks!

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