Interview Tip #1 – Don’t Answer Phone During Interview!

No Phone

At Carrington College California we do everything we can to prepare our students for a smooth transition to the working world. Our Career Services Department offers support in areas such as resume writing, interviewing techniques, and provides guidance and support throughout your job search.

The importance of patient care

Importance of Quality Patient Care

The medical profession isn’t all about treating illness, it’s also about enhancing patient care in any way possible. Patient-centered care has a variety of benefits, and all can improve the quality of life for both practical and vocational nurses and the people they care for.
What is…

Massage helps patients manage pain

Massage Therapy Pain Management

Natural remedies for pain management are gaining popularity, and massage therapy is becoming an integral component of patient care as hospitals and medical providers look for ways to improve recovery time.
As an alternative form of medicine, massage therapy has a variety of benefits that common…

Eating Healthy Keeps You Sharp!

Fresh Vegetables

You don’t need to be a student in a Medical Assisting or Registered Nursing program to know that good nutrition is important for a healthy body, but did you know it’s also important for a healthy mind?
When you’re studying at Carrington College, as well as working a job, and perhaps caring for a…

What to look for in a medical assisting program


Medical assisting is one of the fastest growing fieldsĀ in the United States 1- many physicians are increasingly relying upon medical assistants to perform routine administrative and clinical duties so they have time to see more patients. While medical assistants have a great deal of flexibility…

Questions to ask before choosing a college

Still trying to decide where you want to go to college? Ask yourself these questions.

If you’re still in the process of making that all-important decision of where you want to go to college, there are plenty of things for you to consider. While everyone from your mom to your next door neighbor will have an opinion about the choice you should make, you have to do what’s right for…

Debunking summer health myths

Don't be fooled by these summer health myths!

Summer may not exactly be flu season, but there are plenty of other health risks that could put a dent in your vacation plans – sunburn, anyone? What you really need to be careful of, however, is succumbing to summer health myths. Think you know the best home remedies for summertime ailments?…