Bridging the skills gap

Bridging the Skills Gap

You’ve taken that first essential step in landing your dream job and have decided to get yourself a college education. However, many students today face a timely difficulty: the economy. A recent article by student journalist Marissa Cetin in USA Today revealed that the unemployment rate has…

Using social media to your educational and professional benefit

There are both pros and cons to deleting your Facebook account.

The use of social media has been blowing up in recent years, no longer used only for connecting with friends and family in your personal lives. Social media is being increasingly used in education and business, and it is becoming an almost integral part of our current culture.
One thing to keep…

Lessons to learn from our favorite characters’ terrible interviews


Pop culture is often impossible to escape in today’s media-driven world. While there are certainly life lessons to be learned from some of our favorite movies and television shows, you might not have thought about the lessons you can learn from your favorite Hollywood characters who just seem to…

Scholarships – The Unusual, The Impressive and The Plentiful

Weird College Scholarships

The bad news is that the average cost of a college education has increased in the United States in recent years. The good news is that scholarships are widely available to aspiring students of every background, interest and skill level. Just take a look at the graph at the bottom of the…

Carrington College Presented at the International Meeting on Simulation in Health Care


Carrington College, part of Carrington Colleges Group, sent two nursing instructors, Brenda Uhrig and Tracy Chesney from the Albuquerque and Phoenix Westside campuses respectively, to present at the International Meeting on Simulation in Health care (IMSH) that took place in Orlando, Fla. Jan….

Carrington College Reno Announces Expanded Externship Sites for Students

Reno Campus

Carrington College Reno announced today that it has expanded its externship sites for medical assisting and medical billing & coding students to include St. Mary’s Medical Groups and Carson Tahoe. This expansion allows Carrington medical assisting and medical billing & coding students the…

Staying healthy in college


Staying well-rested and healthy as a college student can sometimes present a challenge. Talking with just a handful of your classmates, it can often seem the norm to have sleepless nights and fast-food meals.
A recent article in USA Today said that many students simply accept exhaustion as a way…