Winter preparation tips for college students

With winter approaching, you'll want to start preparing for the frigid temperatures it is sure to bring.

Being successful in college isn’t just about studying hard and getting good grades, it’s also a matter of managing the outside pressures of life.
One of those pressures you’ll have to handle is the onset of winter. When you were growing up, your parents probably helped you through the colder…

Top tips to help health care workers manage Holiday Hellth

Healthcare Worker Stress

Click for Holiday Hellth Infographic
The holidays get most people excited for time off, festive decorations, yummy food and celebration. But, injuries, illness and accidents don’t take a holiday vacation – and neither do all health care workers.
While you’re unwrapping presents, health care…

Avoid Holiday ‘Hellth’

Holiday Hellth

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us are ready to celebrate but are also feeling the stress that comes with the season. If you’re feeling it too, you’re not alone. For health care workers, who often have to work on holidays, stress levels can reach a tipping point. What’s…

How to make your college admissions process smoother

Filling out your college applications can be one of the most harrowing experiences many students go through.

The college application process is always fraught with peril. Potential students have to worry about putting together their records in a manner that makes them clear and readable for admissions officers, the stress of filling out essays or other extra information, and the constant concern over…

Herbal supplements called into question

Recent studies have called the herbal supplement industry into question.

Alternative medicines, including herbal supplements, have become extremely popular in recent years.
However, recent testing has revealed that many of the herbal medicines found in stores across the U.S. don’t contain the ingredients they claim, and are instead often filled with weeds and ground…

Jobs in the health care industry

Health care jobs provide plenty of opportunities.

For college students, deciding on a career is something that can be a constant weight on their shoulders. Finding a profession that is both personally fulfilling and financially rewarding is a difficult endeavor, and it is a combination that many people never have the opportunity to achieve….

Using critical thinking skills to become more independent in college

Critical thinking skills are crucial to your success in college and beyond.

Image can sometimes be an important factor in many people’s decision-making processes. That is especially true in college where, surrounded by your peers, it is easier to get wrapped up in the clothes they wear, the cars they drive and the parties they attend.
However, in order to make your…