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Winter preparation tips for college students

November 19, 2013

With winter approaching, you'll want to start preparing for the frigid temperatures it is sure to bring.Being successful in college isn’t just about studying hard and getting good grades, it’s also a matter of managing the outside pressures of life.

One of those pressures you’ll have to handle is the onset of winter. When you were growing up, your parents probably helped you through the colder months, buying your clothes, making sure you were bundled up and reminding you to take all the other necessary precautions to protect yourself against the harsher climate. But now that you’re older and more independent, it will be up to you to assume many, if not all, of those responsibilities.

Winter clothing

Proper attire is probably the most important bit of preparation you can do when getting ready for winter.1 And while style may be one of your most important considerations, in this case, be sure to make function the priority over fashion. It’s great to walk out of the house looking like a million bucks, but you’ll end up feeling like 50 cents if you aren’t wearing clothing that protects you from the weather.

Here are some winter clothing items you should consider purchasing to help you manage the frigid temperatures:

  • Thermal or long underwear. Also, known as long johns, these knitted, one-piece undergarments can be worn beneath most clothing, offering you the ability to wear many of your favorite outfits while also buffering you against the cold.
  • Layers. This is probably something your mother harped about your entire childhood, but she was right. By employing layers of clothing, you give yourself the versatility to be able to adapt to the changing climates you will face throughout the winter. When you’re outside, you can wear the full complement of long underwear, a shirt, pants, sweater or sweatshirt and coat, then take one or more of those layers off when you enter warmer indoor settings.
  • Heavy coat. Again, it’s tempting to opt for style over substance when it comes to choosing a winter coat. But you’ll be much happier you decided to go with a thick, quilted jacket when you’re standing at the bus stop in the middle of January.

Other winter considerations

Clothing is just one part of the winter protection equation. These are some other steps you’ll want to take to better deal with the cold:

  • Soups. Stock your cupboard with canned goods that you can quickly turn into a warming meal.2
  • Blankets. Keep a lot of blankets on hand at home so you can easily turn to them when necessary.
  • Space heater. It’s a good backup for, or complement to, your home heating system.

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