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Tips on How to Ask for an Extension on a Project

March 1, 2012

How to ask for an extension on a projectCollege is usually a busy time, especially for those of you who have a job, internship, kids and any other responsibilities on your plate. Sometimes things happen and can prevent you from making that fast-approaching deadline for a class project. As long as you haven’t lacked on your work throughout the semester, there are ways to ask for an extension, here’s how:

Communicate with Your Instructor

If you know you’re going to be late turning in your project, paper or whatever you have to do, then it’s best to tell your instructor in person. Speak to them face-to-face, not through text, email, voicemail or twitter. Communicating with your professor through real face time will show them how serious you are about getting the project done and it will also show respect. Explain why you need an extension and be honest.

Ask for an Extension in Advance

When you know you’re running behind, be sure to tell your instructor in advance. This will show that you’re making an effort. Asking for an extension on the day your project is due, is just asking for a failing grade.

Prove Why You Should Get an Extension

You may have to prove you deserve an extension when you speak to your instructor. If so, be sure you have ammo to back you up, such as that you haven’t missed a deadline or a class the entire semester. Showing that you know the material and generally do a good job in class will improve your chances of getting that extension. Remember, you need as much as you can to convince your instructor why they should take time out of their busy schedules to grade a late paper.

Deal with the Consequences

In other words, be prepared if your extension is denied. You may have to just suck it up and pull an all-nighter to finish your project. Even if you’re not satisfied with the finished project, it’s a lot better than turning in nothing. If you feel you really deserve the extension even though it’s been denied, you can talk to a higher authority, such as your dean.

Have you ever had to convince your instructor to give you a deadline extension? Leave a comment below and let us know what you did.


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