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The Starting Point: Calynn’s First Days

June 25, 2013

CalynnHello again Carrington Flock!

Last time on the Starting Point, we discussed my entry into Carrington College California Sacramento. This time, I want to talk about something every student is nervous about after their acceptance – the first day of school.

But let’s back-up. A few days prior to starting at Carrington, I went to Target (as previously mentioned, my favorite store) to get my school supplies. I made sure I had everything organized; all my books prepared, my outfit ready and my game face on for that first day. Unfortunately, I had to work before my first class, which only added to my anxiety about finally starting my future.

When I entered the Sacramento campus for the first time, I felt a little overwhelmed. This was mainly due to the fact that it had been years since I was last in school. As I toured the campus, I was very impressed by quantity of medical equipment they had for the students. Everything seemed incredibly hands on and all the teachers were willing to help the students in any way they could. I was itching to get started. There were already so many tools and topics that I wanted to learn and utilize.

One of the things I was most excited to use was the Student Learning Center; an incredibly useful tool for all students. It’s a place students can go anytime during the day to finish homework, get help when needed, and use the computers for research. I definitely advise any student at Carrington to take advantage of this feature. Studying health care topics can be really difficult, and I always like to have that extra helping hand to get me through.

Now on to the classroom – where the real learning begins. When I first walked into the classroom, I saw the work area for patient tables, sinks to wash your hands and an open space for students. I loved that the classroom had plenty of tables and chairs for the students, allowing everyone to sit and feel comfortable. Sometimes I felt a bit cramped in class, as they fill up fast, but with some getting used to it, it wasn’t much of a problem after a while. I’m currently studying the paperwork side of Medical Assisting. I’m becoming well-versed in insurance details, accounts payable and organizing patient files. While this is important, I still cannot wait to get the chance to learn about immunizations, blood work, etc. The most difficult thing I have encountered to date are the changes resulting from switching instructors. Students tend to get into a routine with each instructor, so when they change, the routine needs to as well.

Hopefully the next time I have a chance to write, I’ll be able to share details on additional classroom materials and “hands on experiences.” I know I cannot wait to get started!