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Teach patients about summer pet safety

July 20, 2013

Keep Fido happy and healthy this summer.Working in veterinary technology not only means helping animals when they are sick or injured, but providing their owners with the information they need to prevent the a trip to the vet’s office in the first place.1 Summertime can be dangerous for pets, particularly dogs because they spend so much time outdoors in the sun. While humans sweat, dogs pant in order to keep themselves cool, and it’s easy for them to overheat.2 Provide pet owners the information they need to have a happy healthy summer with their furry friends.

1. Stay indoors
When it’s particularly hot outside, it may be best to focus on doing indoor activities with your pet, like playing fetch in the house – that is, of course, if you have air conditioning. Overall, it’s best to limit the physical exertion of pets during the hottest parts of the day. Dog owners should take their furry companions on walks early in the morning or in the evening after the sun has gone down to keep them away from the dangerous heat.3

2. Plenty of water
Just like humans, animals need to stay hydrated when it’s hot outside. Make sure their bowls are always full of fresh, clean water, even when they’re indoors. When you’re outside, bring water with you wherever you go and keep your pet in the shade whenever possible.4

3. Never leave them in the car
Leaving pets in parked cars is extremely dangerous and it should never be done. Even if it’s relatively cool outside or you’re only running into the grocery store for five minutes, the sun can cause the temperature in your car to reach heights of 120 degrees in just a few minutes. If you can’t take Fido inside with you, leave him at home.5

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